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Facebook users’ numbers on sale through a Telegram bot


Somebody has gotten their hands on a data set brimming with Facebook clients’ telephone numbers and is presently selling that information utilizing a Telegram bot, as indicated by a report by Motherboard. The security scientist who discovered this weakness, Alon Gal, says that the individual who runs the bot professes to have the data of 533 million clients, which came from a Facebook weakness that was fixed in 2019.

With numerous data sets, some measure of specialized ability is needed to locate any valuable information. Furthermore, there frequently must be a cooperation between the individual with the data set and the individual attempting to receive data in return, as the data set’s “proprietor” won’t simply give another person all that important information. Making a Telegram bot, notwithstanding, tackles both of these issues.

The bot permits somebody to complete two things: on the off chance that they have an individual’s Facebook client ID, they can find that individual’s telephone number, and on the off chance that they have an individual’s telephone number they can discover their Facebook client ID. However, gaining admittance to the data you’re searching for costs cash — opening a snippet of data, similar to a telephone number or Facebook ID, costs one credit, which the individual behind the bot is selling for $20. There’s likewise mass evaluating accessible, with 10,000 credits selling for $5,000, as per the Motherboard report.

The bot has been running since at any rate January 12, 2021, as indicated by screen captures posted by Gal, yet the information it gives admittance to is from 2019. That is moderately old, however, individuals don’t change telephone numbers that frequently. It’s particularly humiliating for Facebook as it generally gathered telephone numbers from individuals including clients who were turning on two-factor validation.

Right now it’s obscure if Motherboard or security specialists have reached Telegram to attempt to get the bot brought down, however, ideally it’s something that can be cinched down on soon. That is not to paint too blushing an image, however — the information is still out there on the web, and it’s restored two or multiple times since it was at first scratched in 2019. I’m simply trusting that the simple access will be cut off.



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