Fisker reaches 50,000 reservations for OCEAN model and 3,200 for the recently announced PEAR

Fisker’s flagship model Ocean SUV received 50K reservations
The upcoming PEAR's images were also shared

Fisker announces that its flagship model Ocean SUV received 50,000 reservations. Furthermore shares images of PEAR, the other EV model from the automaker. In February this year, Fisker reported that Ocean had around 31,000 reservations.

Fisker reaches 50,000 reservations for OCEAN model and 3,200 for the  recently announced PEAR – EV
Image credits- Electric Vehicles

In the recent Q1 report, the number of reservations was 45,000. Over a month another 10,000 reservations seem to be added. According to the chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker, the final reservations so far was announced to be 50,000. Meanwhile, the other EV model Pear has received around 3,200 reservations so far. And only a limited glimpse of the vehicle is being revealed, saying it to be a “sporty crossover, smaller than the Ocean”.

The company revealed images of Pear showcasing some details before the official launch. An Interior cabin with vague details was seen. The cabin seems to be open and the windshield glass is uniquely shaped.

Fisker Pear image
Image credits- Electrek, Fisker

Furthermore, the announcement says the production of Pear will start by 2024 at Fisker manufacturing partner Foxconn. A prototype testing is planned to start by late 2022. Though there are no images of it, the vehicle is designed to have a “first-ever Houdini trunk”. It is an alternative to regular rear cargo hatches. The vehicle interior will have a “new level of storage for its segment”.

Other PEAR details

The PEAR will come in single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD configs. available in four different trim packages. The Fisker PEAR will have two battery pack options. And the larger Hyper Range pack is targeting 310 miles of range and will feature the SolarSky panoramic roof for added solar range.

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker spoke to the PEAR and its reservations. “The impressive number of reservations for the Fisker Ocean proves there’s huge interest in our
brand and in electric vehicles. The over 3,200 reservations already for the Fisker PEAR indicate this revolutionary mobility device, designed for city dwellers, demonstrates customers are ready for Fisker to deliver the 21st century’s most innovative vehicle. The Fisker PEAR’s cool new features and technologies – and affordable pricing below $29,900 – are designed specifically for the customer of the future.”

Technically it is true that the 3,200 reservations are low, but those numbers are for a vehicle that is barely known to people. That is interesting demand indeed. This EV is to come out as a cheaper option, possibly priced at $30K for a 310-mile range. It could be possible that Fisker would provide options with respect to range and other specifications. Houdini trunk is an interesting concept for the Fisker EV.