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Fitho – easy and affordable weight management solutions !

All of us would love to have a great body that is fit and healthy ! Every once in a while, each one of us decides to hit the gym daily and get on that diet plan. However, most of the times, by the time we enroll at the gym,  find the right instructor and the right dietitian our motivation has already died down. A lot of times all these things might come at a higher cost as well. Fitho, a web and app based weight management program, now makes it extremely easy and affordable to get a personalized exercise and diet plan by making using of technology.


Fitho’s core approach includes leveraging technology to provide users with a customised weight loss solution that comprises a diet plan and an exercise program. The company works with the theory that every person has different needs and has customized an exercise and diet plan for each person. This is combined with access to health professionals like nutritionists and fitness trainers over email & phone. The information needed to create each weight loss plan is collected through a simple questionnaire online, and supplemented through telephone calls & email. Each user gets a weekly diet & exercise plan along with tools to track user compliance and weight. Fitho also tells you what you can eat and what you should avoid when you are in a particular restaurant.

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The rise of NCDs or Noncommunicable diseases has been a cause of worry across the world. In India too the statistics of people falling prey to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart problems is alarming. After noting the rise of NCDs in India, Dhruv and Prachi started a special exercise and diet program for people with lifestyle diseases. Fitho also launched a personalized training program last week. This fitness program allows users to access Fitho’s video recorded training sessions which can be used by them as a part of their daily exercise routine just like having a personal trainer at home.


Dhruv Gupta and Prachi Gupta, CoFounder at Fitho

Fitho was founded in 2010 by Dhruv Gupta, who graduated from University of Michigan & Prachi Gupta who studied at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.  Dhruv is a serial entrepreneur and prior to Fitho has had his own ventures such as DesiMartini.com and GKB Online. Prachi has a background in digital media and was working with HMV Saregama India Ltd  before starting Fitho. A deep passion for health and fitness led to the two starting this venture. Fitho is now a team of 15 and is based out of Delhi. Prachi & Dhruv are also authors of the book on healthy living, Losing It- Making Weight Loss Simple, published by Pan Macmillan India.

After achieve a considerable amount of scale in India the company is planning to take their product global. About Fitho’s expansion plans Dhruv says ” Our ability to customize our product according to our customers feedback has helped us immensely in creating a strong product and achieving this scale. The problem of fitness is a global one and we are all ready to go global.”  Fitho is a bootstrapped company and is sufficiently funded by its customers.



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