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Five famous athletes who chose crypto pay

Crypto has been gaining massive popularity over the past few years with a significant increase in the number of people who invest in crypto. Despite the uncertainty and unavoidable volatility, in addition to the unexpected blows, Crypto has been growing. Although the tinge of skepticism colors the canvas of crypto to some extent, a good majority are convinced that crypto is the currency for the future, thereby neutralizing the present downfalls and losses with the optimistic stance that crypto is a long-term investment. Although novice investors are rather reluctant to step into the rather uncertain domain of crypto, the scenario has slightly changed with the number of celebrities and popular figures backing crypto. For instance, there has been a string of reputed athletes who chose crypto payment over cash. Let us take a look at five famous athletes who opted for payment in cryptocurrency rather than cash payment.


1. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers announced his decision to accept payment in crypto through a Twitter post which said that he will partner with the Cash App payment service, following which he will take a portion of his payment in Bitcoin. The video he posted on Twitter featured him in a John Wick attire all set for a Halloween party. If that didn’t touch the levels of strangeness, he also announced that he will donate about $1 million in Bitcoin. Perhaps Rodgers was feeling magnanimous all of a sudden. If this move doesn’t underscore his support for Bitcoin, then all you have to do is take a look at his Twitter profile that sports a laser eye.

2. Tom Brady

With Brady, we have yet another name to add to the list of NFL players supporting cryptocurrency. The reputed quarterback did try a hand in crypto in the year 2021. Although there haven’t been any announcements regarding him being paid in Bitcoin by NFL, it is certain that the FTX exchange will pay him in crypto following his equality stake in Sam Bankman- Fried’s exchange. It must be noted that Brady’s support is not exclusive to crypto assets. An NFT platform called Autograph was launched by him in April last year.

3. Russel Okung

Another athlete to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon was Russel Okung. As per reports from Bleacher Report, it was made clear that half of Russel Okung’s salary will be paid in Bitcoin by the Carolina Panthers. Okung’s salary amounts to a whopping $13 million. The fact that Okung is one among the highest paid in the league adds to the highlight of the move.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.

Following the footsteps of Aaron Rogers, Odell Beckham Jr. also announced his decision to accept payment in crypto in November. Similar to Rogers, Odell Beckham Jr. will also be partnering with Cash App. As per his contract, his salary to be received from NFL for that season was $4.25 million.

5. Trevor Lawrence

It seems like crypto exercises a magnetic attraction on those in the field of sports. Trevor Lawrence joined the band of NFL superstars who were accepting payments in crypto, adding yet another gem to the crypto crown which has been gaining prominence. However, Lawrence is not directly involved in the deal with NFL. Rather his salary comes from an endorsement deal with FTX which is a crypto portfolio app.




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