Ford files patent for remote engine revving system using key fob

Ford is going to enter the Metaverse soon!

Reports suggest that one of the most popular and significant automobile manufacturing companies, Ford, is going to enter the Metaverse with their virtual automobiles and non-fungible tokens.

The previous Day, USPTO, also known as the United States Patent and Trade Office, license trademark lawyer Mr. Kondoudis revealed that the Ford company has filed around 19 trademark applications that cover its car brands, such as Lincoln, Explorer, and many others. The trademark application consists of many other things, too, such as virtual cars, SUVs, clothing, vans, and a proposed online marketplace for NFTs.

Details about the trademark applicant

Many details were tweeted by the lawyer Mr. Kondoudis regarding the entry of Ford in the metaverse. According to the documents filed by Ford last week, they are planning to make their downloadable artworks, text, audio, and videos featuring their cars and other vehicles, which will be authenticated by the NFTs and can be traded.

Ford is going to enter the Metaverse soon!

Ford also revealed their plans to release downloaded virtual goods such as computer programs that consist of vehicle parts and different other accessories which you can make use of in the virtual world. Also, you can use these things to organize some trade shows, which will be conducted virtually.

It is now seen as a method used by Ford to create a good and vast marketplace for promoting all the digital artworks of others through the help of a website along with other retail store services like NFTs and other digital collectible items.

Reasons behind Ford’s decision

The decision of Ford to get into the WEB3 space or metaverse came less than a month after Ford CEO Mr. Farley revealed about their massive staff cuts from its global workforce to reduce the company’s expenses and increase its profit. 

However, it is not only the company that is moving into the Web3 Space. Many other companies have announced their plans to get into the rapidly growing metaverse space as soon as possible such as Nissan, Hyundai, and many others. On the other side, some companies already have their NFTs collections rolled out, such as Lamborgini and Bentley.

What are your thoughts as reports say that Ford is going to enter the metaverse soon!? How much do you think they will take time to roll out their virtual goods and NFTs? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found our content informative, do share it with your friends.

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