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Free Software Tools All Gamers Should Have at Their Disposal

Whether you are someone who dabbles in playing the odd casino game now and again or you are a dedicated grinder of battle royale shooters and strategy epics, there are a wealth of software tools that purport to boost your gaming experience.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff is often difficult and time consuming to do, so we thought we would take the effort out of it for you, to list the most worthwhile pieces of software that truly can take your gaming to the next level.

Image by: JeongGuHyeok

Image by: JeongGuHyeok

Unlock your computer’s true potential

Are You Missing Out on Great Games?

This list is mainly packed with software that will improve your overall gaming experience, but what if you were missing out on some of the best games in the first place?

If you have recently made the switch from console to gaming on your PC, then you simply have to check out Steam, a gaming platform that allows you to access everything from free-to-play games all the way through to household name titles.

Steam is a very established name in the world of game streaming, but there are others hot on its heels.

Origin is EA’s online streaming platform, which is an ideal place to visit if you are a big fan of its sports titles like FIFA 22, Tiger Woods PGA 2K21 or Madden.

Meanwhile, for more quirky independent games there is the internet’s answer to a yard sale, in the form of Itch.io, where wacky games will keep you entertained for hours on end.



Make your computer purr with this incredible software

f.lux Helps Keep You Focused

Everyone likes something for nothing and especially when it is an app that prides itself on keeping you healthy.

f.lux is designed to adjust your screen’s brightness depending on the light conditions you are gaming in, minimising the amount you have to strain your eyes, back and neck to see what you are doing.

This might seem like a trifling issue that you can deal with later, but just remember that downloading a free app is far easier and less costly than having to visit the opticians and buy a new pair of glasses.

MSI Afterburner Fine Tunes Your Setup

Whether you have plumped for a particular game that creates a spot of lag or your computer has seen better days, there is now a way to give your machine a much needed shot in the arm with the MSI Afterburner.

This software basically sucks every last drop of performance for your motherboard and graphics card, meaning you can stave off having to buy a new computer for a few more months or even years.

OBS Studio Lets You Stream Like A Pro

For many avid gamers the temptation to try and monetise their hobby is hard to resist, with many harbouring dreams of becoming the next streaming sensation, whether it’s broadcasting themselves playing FIFA and its modes such as Ultimate Team or Career Mode, Fortnite either alone or team-based, or spinning popular titles such as blackjack and the different variants available online, including classic single and multiplayer, premium and high roller, the latter two with higher stakes. 

If you find yourself falling into this category then OBS studio is an invaluable piece of kit, allowing you to cut and edit video clips of your on-screen action so you can then share it with the world via your social media feeds.

The OBS Studio is also set up with Twitch in mind, meaning there are lots of tools dedicated to making the lives of every Twitch user easier.

GameSave Manager, So You Never Lose Your Spot

It is a hot summer’s day and you have been gaming for hours – or is it days? – when suddenly everything goes black. You mash your keyboard in a blind rage in the hope that a screensaver has malfunctioned and kicked in, only to discover that instead your computer has overheated, and wiped all the progress you made.

To avoid being driven to the point of insanity by such eventualities, go and get yourself GameSave Manager, which does exactly what its name suggests.




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