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FTX Reopens the Claims Portal After Recuperating from Cyber Attack

After the unfreezing of user accounts that were impacted by a recent cyber security attack that targeted Kroll – the third-party agent administering the creditor claims for the FTX bankruptcy – the FTX claims site is now fully operational. FTX declared that blocking customer accounts was a “precautionary measure” and mentioned that “additional security measures” had been put in place on the claims platform in a statement proclaiming the resumption of normal functioning.

Has FTX reopened the claims portal and made it pristinely clear that the company wants to improve safety and security by learning from the recent breach and existent shortcomings in their server firewalls? FTX has confirmed that additional security mechanisms have been incorporated into the portal, which is now fully operational. As a result, consumers can now utilize the platform with greater assurance.

FTX gives some explanations

According to evidence released by Kroll in August, a “SIM swapping” attack gave a threat actor access to “certain files containing personal information of bankruptcy claimants in the matters of BlockFi, FTX, and Genesis.” Even though the corporation says that neither Know-Your-Client data nor FTX passwords were made public in the hack, Kroll froze the impacted user accounts after the event.

Customers of FTX have till September 29, the date FTX reopens the claims portal, to submit a claim proof to Kroll. The judge overseeing FTX’s bankruptcy case recently accepted the estate’s intention to start liquidating its digital assets. However, it is unclear what amount of value creditors will be able to recoup.

The Company places some cushions

After FTX reopens the claims portal, it wants to make initiatives to hedge Bitcoin and Ether to protect against the erratic cryptocurrency market. This tactical choice aims to lessen the potential effects of price changes on sales revenues. The estate has also shown interest in staking particular tokens. Such actions will guarantee that the creditors continue to gain from the token-staking ventures’ profits. However, there have been concerns about the sale’s traceability. According to attorneys for FTX, it is unlikely to be able to distinguish between specific crypto deposits.

As a result, after being liquidated, the assets are going to be turned into cash and prepared for distribution by the plan of the firm. Therefore, the actions have done following their declaration of bankruptcy in November while retaining $3.4 billion in cryptocurrency assets are remarkable since they appear centred on securing the greatest results for their creditors while strengthening the security of their consumers.

Judicially Approved

Along with the security upgrades during the time FTX reopens the claims portal, the recent endorsement by Delaware District Judge John Dorsey has drawn attention. With this action, FTX can liquidate a sizeable chunk of its cryptocurrency, valued in the billions, to pay off its debts.

A financial advisor will be in charge of the estate’s token sales under the approved strategy. As a result, the weekly maximum for the majority of tokens is $100 million. The cap might rise to $200 million depending on how each token is used. Additionally, the U.S. Trustee’s office must be notified 10 days before of any Bitcoin or Ether transfers.

As FTX reopens the claims portal, the customers are reminded to exercise caution and only communicate through authorized company channels since the FTX Debtors are currently trying to make the online claims site more robust than before. To protect customers’ interests, it is crucial to protect personal information from phishing attacks.

The Customer Bar Date has been scheduled for September 29, 2023, at 4 PM ET to provide customers enough time to submit their claims. It is important to understand that all claims, regardless of when they are made, will be reviewed identically; precedence will not be granted based on filing timing. The main criterion is to make sure all claims are submitted by the deadline.

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