fired more than 40% of its employees
Credits: Coin Central fired more than 40% of its employees

According to some recent reports, Crypto Exchange has laid off around 40-50% of its employees.The cryptocurrency exchange Gate started layoffs. The proportion is unknown. Employees said that it is rumored to be 40% to 50%, and the compensation is N+1. Some employees have already begun to withdraw their permissions. Gate responded as “normal optimization”.

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Recent Layoffs

According to the survey, the percentage of those who have been laid off is unclear. Workers at Gate have indicated that the speculated percentage of layoffs ranges from forty percent to fifty percent. In addition, the workers would get remuneration equal to N+1 times their current salary.

In response to this revelation, some staff members have already started the process of revoking their authorization. Gate gave the response “regular optimization” when questioned about the demands for communication.

Employees layoff
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There have been reports of layoffs and a hiring freeze in the cryptocurrency business as of late. As a result of the bear market, several of the largest exchanges have laid off employees and frozen employment offers. Downsizing stock exchanges often point to issues like rapid expansion and unsustainable development as justifications for their actions.

Huobi is drastically reducing employment, mandating that workers accept their salary in stablecoins, and shutting off internal staff communication channels in an effort to suppress a rebellion.

Huobi advisor Justin Sun, who has been publicly representing the business, rejected the layoffs in an interview with Hong Kong’s SCMP; however, the company has subsequently reversed course, with a Huobi representative confirming the exchange’s intentions to slash personnel by 20%