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Get the best of jewellery with Diamond Cubik

With an eye for beauty, impeccable designing and understanding of a woman’s desire for seeking a piece of art that has International insight and Indian sacrament, genesis “Diamond Cubik” – A Unit of CBKS. Diamond Cubik is a leading jewellery brand that encourages fashion movement across the globe and showcases a wide acceptance of contemporary forms.

Abhishek Goel and Aanchal Goel

Abhishek Goel and Aanchal Goel

The seed of the company was sown and nurtured by the power couple Abhishek and Aanchal Goel and with their own set of expertise – Abhishek with a knack for running consumer-driven businesses and Aanchal with a streak that enables to take the lead in the world of jewellery. The husband-wife duo have been endeavouring to create a new stature for Diamond Cubik and are successfully making their way to new horizons of growth and customer-satisfaction.

With the commitment shown by the founders and the team that focuses on growth relentlessly, the brand is becoming synonymous with iconic jewellery designs. Diamond Cubik seamlessly creates the diamond jewellery collection that flaunts precious gemstones including emeralds, rubies, tanzanite and many more that are considered an ultimate embodiment of timeless glamour.

Gems and Jewels have long ignited the passion of men and women. And with the jewellery designed by “Diamond Cubik”, desire knows no bounds.Both pioneers and rooted in tradition, The Husband-Wife duo Aanchal & Abhishek Goel, initiated the enterprise in a small room and in a jiff, carved a niche for themselves in the bijouterie world.

Diamond Cubik vision is to expand the eponymous label in the dazzling world of exquisite Jewellery and continue to innovate and strive for new benchmarks in the Quality, Creativity, Design and Customer Satisfaction.



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