Get Your Website Ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is here again and every website owner is stressed over the same thing – Am I doing enough to get the best out of this year’s Black Friday?

So here is what you need to do:

1. Robust hosting plan which can handle the traffic

It all starts with technical considerations. Before all the marketing tools, you need to make sure that your website is ready to handle high traffic visits. Surprisingly, even the world’s largest brands have seen their websites crash during sale season.

Spending a lot of time, money and energy to bring people to your website, only to see them not convert because the website is frozen, is the last thing you would like to see happen. How do you practically prepare your website for this event? First is to Check your website traffic and secondly Choose the best Hostinger Web Hosting Plans.

Once you know how much traffic you usually have and what each Hostinger plan offers, you have got yourself the right jump start to boost your website to Black Friday success.

2. Your website needs a backup.

While backing up your website is not as much fun but it is pretty important. You will be at ease if you back up your website and will let you enjoy the Black Friday season. A website backup is a snapshot of all your website’s core elements, like code files, databases, creatives etc. It is like an airbag ensuring that no matter what, your hard work is secured.

3. Start your email campaigns early

Email campaigns can get stressful amongst the other things you have to do during the Black Friday season which is why having them set up and ready to go beforehand is advisable.

Send out test campaigns. Make sure you send it to different devices, operating systems and browsers. Can you imagine the situation people don’t end up buying from you is because of the chaotic-looking email on their device?

4. Optimized SEO

You have put together a killer Black Friday offer but it all goes down the drain if it’s not discoverable on search engines. SEO needs time, patience, and constant evolution and you need to work on it regularly. Setting up your SEO correctly will slowly yet steadily drive organic traffic to your website. The most common thing people do during the sales season is search for offers.

In the end

Black Friday is a time of the year when all major e-commerce websites get their creative hats on and put their offers out there in the WWW. Like most things in life, what happens backstage is mainly responsible for the success you see on the stage.

Website hosting plan, backup, and SEO may not be the hottest topics to discuss but the reality is that they might be the difference between success and failure in one of the most anticipated days of the year!

Sure, the lead up to Black Friday can get stressful and chaotic but the results will for sure give you pleasure. We hope this article will help you organize & execute with precision!

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