GM’s pickup trucks makeover to fix competitive shortcomings

General Motors’ large pickup trucks under Chevrolet Silverado will get a makeover this spring. In the coming months, electric pickup by various competitors like Rivian, and Ford F-150 Lightning are expected to start deliveries. These upcoming fixes on GM’s pickups are to place Chevy in third place in the vehicle market segment.

Chevrolet Silverado 2022 Models Get Tech Upgrades With Larger Dashboard  Screens, Google Assistant Support | Technology News
Image credits- NDTV Gadgets 360

The all-new 2022 Silverado will get larger dashboard screens to keep up with the technological advances. Which is have new connectivity technology with built-in software and Google voice commands.

Additionally, the new model will have added features, with 420-horsepower, the Silverado ZR2 can go for off-road adventures. As the appearance will also be changed accordingly, it can be used both on-road and off-road. This GM’s makeover is to compete with Ford’s F-150 series and Stellantis’s Ram TR. Lately, they have been gaining attention, and General Motors is bringing in the required changes to keep up with the industry.

Currently, the existing Silverado model was released in 2019. It outranked in sales of General Motors’s competitors like Stellantis NV’s Ram pickup. In 2018, the Ram also got a makeover like Tesla’s dashboard screen. Such dashboard screen seemed similar to Tesla Model S sedan style screen, rather than a traditional pickup model.

Also, the Fiat Chrysler unit of Stellantis production capacity expanded as a result of gunning the displacement of GM’s Silverado in North America. The Ram’s pickups are now in the second position by replacing Silverado and one place after Ford’s F-series trucks. Ford’s F-series is known to being the best-selling model for more than 4 decades as said by Automotive News.

Technological advancements

As vehicles are shifting towards electric vehicles, the technology used in them is also advancing. So pickups remake need to largely focus on its software and other technological advances. GM is going to give such advanced to bring smartphone-like experience.

Head of GM’s North American operations, Steve Carlisle said in a statement to the press that GM has learned from the challenge from Ram. “You have to be very agile and react. And maybe ask different types of questions.” Furthermore, Carlisle added that they predict that the market moving would shift to “bigger is better” especially talking about the dashboard displays. It is about increasing the user experience.

Later Carlisle added that their goal is to knock Ford out of the top spot with revamped Silverado. He said, “We will not rest until that happens. We are going to do the right thing from a brand point of view.”

Ram and Ford fuel-powered vehicles also have upgrades planned for the upcoming 2022 sales.  It will improve Ram’s infotainment systems and Ford is working towards a hybrid system. However, Ford’s major focus is on its upcoming electric pickup, F-150 Lightning.

The new Silverado will have the largest application in regard to GM’s partnership with Google’s Alphabet. It will change the way how user experience is traditionally for a pickup owner. Also, they will provide additional GM’s Super Cruise system option for its buyers who opt for more than 200,000 miles in Canada and the US.