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Google Announces Rs 135 Crore Aid For Covid-Hit India

Google Announces Rs 135 Crore Aid For Covid-Hit India


The bosses of Google and Microsoft have announced that they will help in the fight against the growing coronavirus crisis in India. The aid is being diverted to India as the country struggles with a surge in cases of Coronavirus. India has expanded the record wave of Covid 2021 cases, and the help of the world’s largest technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Samsung, has helped India overcome the COVID 19 crisis by providing funding, medical care, and technical assistance.

135 Rs Crore funds were provided by Google Googlers as grants to organizations to support high-risk communities for disseminating critical information. 135 million rupees in funding is given by Google to organizations that support the high-risk community and help disseminate critical information. RS 135 crore in grant, Google googler provides it as grants to charities, NGOs, hospitals, health care providers, and other organizations to support the higher risk community.

In his tweet, Pichai said: “Google Googlers have provided Rs 135 crore in funding to organizations supporting high-risk communities to help disseminate critical information. In his tweets, he said that Google with Googlers had provided 135 crores in grants to help the community at higher risk for the dissemination of critical information.

In a separate report, we came across some details of how the search giant’s rs135 crore would work and how it would be worked out for UNICEF for India.

The second went to UNICEF to “help bring urgent medical supplies, including oxygen testing equipment, to where they are most needed in India,” he said: medical care, including oxygen, testing, and equipment, and to be used where it is most needed in India.

A report said that so far, more than 900 Google employees have donated over Rs 3.7 crore to organizations that support high-risk and marginalized countries. They have “so far” donated about 3.5 to 4 crore (4.2 to 5.6 crore) to organizations that support the high risk of marginalization of countries, it said. The report said that more than 900 of Google’s employees have contributed over Rs 3.7 crore ( “so far,” “more than 300 of them from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries that support organizations in high-risk and marginalized countries.

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