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Google offers easy access to individual site permissions in Chrome

Google Security

Source: SlashGear

Google is one of the most innovative companies of all time and it never fails to improve upon its previously existing programs, tools, and software. Apart from creating new products for its users, Google pays equal attention to improving the products that it already offers. The search engine company rolls out new updates and tweaks almost every week which is annoying at times but manageable as we know that it is for our benefit in the long run.

As you must know, the company has made some incredible revamps to its Workspace in the recent past by renaming its suit and changing logos to match with the Google theme. Guess what, it does not end there, the company is still rolling out new updates and improvements and one of them has recently been announced.

According to sources, Google says that it is making it easier to access and manage individual site permissions to enhance security. Most of the time, when we open a website, it takes certain permissions from the browser to access, maybe our location, IP address, camera, or microphone, and we have absolutely no idea about it.

Now, with people getting more aware of their privacy and security, Google is adding a simple feature to manage individual site permissions. Simply tap on the lock icon on one corner of the address bar and you will be able to see what permissions have been granted to the website, is it sensitive information, camera, microphone, or something other than this, after that you can easily toggle these permissions on and off. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Google will soon add an option in the site management menu that will allow you to delete a webpage from your browser history.

The search engine company is reportedly advancing these updates on Android smartphones and tablets before making their way to other platforms including browsers and iPhones.

Other than this, Google is on its way to launch some HTTPS-related enhancements in browsing security that is soon to drop out on Chrome. Speaking of Chrome, the Android-maker has mentioned having improved their phishing protection, making it 50 times faster and significantly battery efficient. Other upcoming updates also include an updated Chrome’s Site Isolation feature that covers a broader range of websites and extensions.

Thus, Google is continuing with its efforts to roll out improvements for its devices and products, being able to manage individual site permissions will make privacy activists very happy because now you can simply toggle them on and off without having to follow complicated steps, going into settings and all.





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