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Google Pixel Foldable tipped to launch in Q1 of 2023
Google's upcoming foldable, the Pixel Foldable is tipped to launch officially in Q1 of 2023, says reports:

Google Pixel Foldable tipped to launch in Q1 of 2023

Google Pixel Foldable tipped to launch in Q1 of 2023
Image Credits: Chrome Unboxed

Recently, we got to see technology gina, Google coming up with a new flagship-level smartphone which is the new Pixel 7 series where the smartphone was launched with all the needed flagship specifications and came up with competitive pricing. 

Alongside Pixel smartphones, we also got to see Google launching their first-ever smartwatch called the Pixel Watch. During the launch event, we also got hints about Google’s plan for launching their first tablet which will also be called the Pixel Tablet.

Talking more about the Pixel product lineup, we already have a lot of news and leaks claiming that Google’s already planning towards launching the foldable smartphone which will be called the Google Pixel Foldable smartphone. The leaks about his smartphone have already been leaking for a long time but there are no such confirmed updates revealed.

However, recently, we got to see another new report claiming about Google’s plan to launch this Foldable. Let’s take a deep look into what this Google Pixel Foldable could feature.

Google Pixel Foldable – Release 

Google Pixel Foldable - Release 

Google Pixel Foldable – Release 
Image Credits: Phone Radar

We have a leaked tweet coming from WinFtuure’s Roland Quandt where it was seen him claiming that how Pixel foldable is missing in action during the Pixel 7 launch event.

To this tweet, we have a reply coming from an analyst, Ross Young from DSCC which stands for Display Supply Chain Consultants, where he was seen responding to Pixel foldable’s launch timeline. 

Going with the reports coming from Ross Young, it’s been speculated that we will get to see Google launching their first ever foldable which is the Google Pixel Foldable in the first quarter of 2023. You can take a look at the tweet embedded down below:

Will Google Pixel Foldable launch in Q1 2023?

As of now, we don’t have any confirmed reports coming from Google. This is just a leak coming out from various sources and we still have to wait a little longer to get confirmed updates about the smartphone launch.

According to reports, it’s been said that this Pixel Foldable smartphone will be called “Pixel Notepad” and it will be coming with a similar folding design inspired by Oppo’s Find N foldable smartphone. 

Also, it’s been already speculated that we will get to see Google adding more tweaks to its Android operating system which will make it helpful for using it on a foldable tablet.

 Talking more about the specification side, this foldable which will be possibly called “Pixel Notepad” could be probably featuring a new Google Tensor G2 chipset onboard which is also powering the lately launched Google Pixel 7 series. 



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