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Google rolls out ‘Workspace Individual’ in five countries

Google Workspace

Source: 9to5Google

Google, the search engine company is making some major changes to its ‘Workspace’ feature allowing users to gain business-level premium features across the entire Google software suit. Not very long ago, the company announced that its ‘Workspace’ will be available to everyone, and with this update, the search engine company plans to rival Google during the work-from-home season. Anyways, Google revamps Workspace to help every company thrive.

According to recent reports, Google rolls out Workspace Individual tier for single users that is designed to give one-person business access to some premium features in the entire software suite that Google offers. Google also made an announcement confirming that Workspace Individual is now available in five countries.

9to5Google reports that Workspace Individual is now available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Japan, as per the Google Support document. Users can try out the premium features with a 14-days free trial and when the time comes, the plan will reportedly cost around USD 9.99 pr month. However, The Verge reports that post-January 2022, Google will discount this price by USD 2, meaning that users will only have to pay USD 7.99 per month instead.

Google Workspace is typically a collection of cloud computing tools, productivity tools, and collaboration tools along with Google software suite and products that are developed and marketed by the company itself. Specifically, with Google Workspace Individual, users will be able to host group meetings in Google Meet for more than the non-premium 60 minutes time limit and also record Meet calls for later. Google Workspace with Shareable booking pages also allows users to activate noise cancellation for better sound quality. Other than this, seamless sync between Google Calendar to schedule Meet time enhances productivity in a business setting.

The point is, Google Workspace is now available to everyone and Google Workspace Individual is available to everyone in five countries with a 14-day trial period. The company is making business productivity seamless and all of these new features and tools are helping businesses during this work-from-home phase where offices are mostly employing a hybrid working mode.

Google competes head-to-head with Microsoft when it comes to business utility suit and so far, Google users are happy with what the company is offering them. Google Workspace is designed to transform how people work and achieve more together. The company’s Individual Workspace tier offers everything premium but just for a single individual, so if it suits you and you are a resident in one of those five countries, Google Workspace Individual is for you.



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