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Google will save $1 billion in expenses as employees operate from their homes

With Covid-19 affecting the way the world functions there have been changes in the dynamics of the work environment of all industries. Major industries have shifted from offices to homes and have been providing work from home options. Google is one such company, it has allowed most of its employees to work safely from their home environments.

Due to changes in workplaces, Google has saved on a lot of expenses. Its parent company Alphabet has saved closed to $268 million in expenses from company promotions, travel, and more in this quarter of the year as compared to 2020. If this estimate is to be generalized for a whole year the savings on expenses would rise to $1 billion.

Google offices are famous for their gym facilities, massages, vacations & retreats,  and more. The work culture at Google is pleasant and focussed on the well-being of its employees and to ensure that the company provides many facilities which have all been closed down since the start of the pandemic as much of its workforce operated from the safety of their homes. Travel and entertainment expenses saw a sharp decline of $371 million during the pandemic.

The company also saved when events were canceled, promotional events, and advertisement campaigns were put on hold indefinitely. The savings on expenses as reported by Alphabet’s annual report was close to $1.4 billion.

Despite all the savings, Google plans to come back to the office late into the year and also plans to redesign its offices to be less populated and in accordance with the health guidelines given by experts.




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