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Gordon McComb Has Passed Away

He was the father of Hobby Robotics

17th September, 2018

It is with a substantial heart that we here at Make: report the death of side interest mechanical autonomy pioneer, Gordon McComb. He kicked the bucket on Monday, Sept tenth, clearly of a heart assault. Gordon was an awesome companion to Make: and to creators and mechanical autonomy specialists from around the globe.

Gordon’s Robot Builder’s Bonanza book, first distributed in 1987, apparently denotes the start of side interest mechanical autonomy as a critical producer classification. It was the book that I purchased in the late 80s that got me into robot building, and by augmentation, all types of equipment hacking. I was so respected to end up familiar with Gordon by and by 10 years or so prior. He was generally so kind, accommodating, and liberal and he helped us on a few mechanical autonomy challenges and arrangement that we did here on Make:. Gordon was additionally a Make: magazine benefactor and Make: books writer. In his lifetime, he wrote more than 65 books and composed endless articles in magazines, daily papers, and specialized diaries. Over a million duplicates of his books have been sold and converted into over twelve dialects. He was a persevering tinkerer, creator, and tech instructor.

Gordon was an encyclopedist, a gatherer of helpful data and thoughts. His Robot Builder’s Sourcebook, an outsized, kind of Whole Earth Catalog for robot manufacturers, was a flat out fortune trove of access to practically every device and segment accessible at the time (2002). Most as of late, Gordon made the book and unit, How to Make a Robot, for Make:.

Individual leisure activity mechanical technology pioneer, Mark Tilden, once stated: “A human is a way that a robot manufactures a superior robot.” Few people have improved robots and progress robotkind than Gordon McComb.

Godspeed, Gordon. Your various companions and fans, both natural and repairman, will miss you in particular.

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