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Here is the first reference to Bitcoin on TV!

“Real’s gonna change. Just Watch!” said Jim Levenstein. This was about Bitcoin in a scene from the movie “The Good Wife.” 2012 was the first time a reference to Bitcoin was made on TV. The writers acknowledged the fact back then that Bitcoin is the future. And at the time, 1 Bitcoin was just worth $3.41, and now it’s worth over $45,000. In the past decade, Bitcoin’s price has increased by more than ten thousand times, and we are expecting that it is only going to go up from here on.

Bitcoin is the future!

“It’s the future,” and we now understand why that comment makes so much sense. Only if I were smart and bought a few Bitcoins when it was cheap, I would be a millionaire right now. But can’t I invest in it now? Yes, I can, and I am going to do it. Because after another decade, when it crosses $1 million per coin, I don’t want to feel the same way I do now.

The first Bitcoin reference in television history aired on The Good Wife in 2012, when it was only worth $3.41 from Bitcoin

The first reference to Bitcoin on TV was in a movie back in 2012. And at the time, the movie writers had the vision to look ahead of themselves, and be it a coincidence or not it is impressive no matter what. People on Reddit got very excited after seeing the movie scene, and all of them are pretty interested in thinking about what happened. A user even said that this should be the slogan for Bitcoin.

A Reddit user said that Bitcoin was not thought of as an investment medium a decade back. It was mostly used for illegal activities and by enthusiasts. But that scenario has changed drastically, and now banks and institutions are also investing in cryptocurrency. All of them now firmly believe that it is an asset.

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