Want To Build Products That Hook Your Audiences ? Hooked Is What You Should Be Reading !

Do you feel the constant urge to go back to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts ? Do you end up spending hours on these social media sites ?  How do they make you do it ?What do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all have in common ? They have gotten all of you Hooked ! Exactly the concept that Nir Eyal explains in his book Hooked !

Eyal says that companies have mastered the art of creating habit forming products. 40% of the things that we do on a daily basis are out of habit and that is why we end up going back to these products again and again ! Eyal explains the concept of a hook which companies use to get people hooked onto their products.


In the book Eyal dives deep into basic human behaviors and looks at how companies are taking advantages of these basic human behaviors to get people on board and make them stay more and more.

Hooked is a must read for anyone trying to work on a consumer product tech or non tech.

The video gives a brief about Hooked.



(Image credits: nirandfar.com)