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Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix Show Leaks New Details

New details have leaked regarding the Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix Show have surfaced online, including the fact that it will be called “Horizon 2074. In addition to the Horizon TV adaptation’s name being revealed, industry insider Jeff Grubb has told fans the show will be set and filmed in Toronto, thanks to the tax incentives. Jeff Grubb, an industry insider who is in charge of the new info, says the show will not reboot, re-make, or re-imagine Horizon Zero Dawn’s plot, but will instead take place parallel and explain the other elements happening. In addition to God of War and Gran Turismo, there is a series in development, which is based on the Guerrilla Games franchise, Horizon. The Horizon series is based on Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix Show

Credit @ Guerrilla Games

Whether Horizon Zero Dawns Netflix show is going to be an animated series or a live-action adaptation, we still do not know. Within the newly prepared Sony Investor Presentation Deck, Sonys media goliath revealed the Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series is in the works. Earlier in May, Sony announced it would work with Netflix on developing a TV series based on the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise, and now more details are coming out. According to Jeff Grubb from Giant Bomb, the new series is going to be called Horizon 2074 and will be set parallel to the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise.

According to Giant Bombs Jeff Grubb, the series will run in a parallel with what Horizon Forbidden West introduced, diving into aspects of the planet when the planet started breaking up. The Horizon TV show is reported to split time between the cusp of the collapse of modern civilization, which sets up the events of Horizon Forbidden West, and Aloy’s current-day world. According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, the website for director guild in Canada Ontario, the TV show’s title will be Horizon 2074, and it will have two timelines.


Regardless, a show about Horizon would form part of Sony’s pair of video game adaptations, including a project about God of War and The Last of Us. Horizon is going to be a show heavily promoted both by Sony and Netflix upon its release, and a film adaption from such a hit as Horizon is bound to get plenty of buzzes. We might have only learned of Guerrillas’ upcoming TV series Horizon comparatively recently, but details of its storyline are starting to trickle into the wild. The Horizon TV adaptations plot is divided up into two timelines, just like it says, but it will not be a straight-up retelling of the game’s plot. Instead, there are rumors that the series would feature the popular lead character Aloy, but it might not be a focus of the show.



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