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How Ayurveda helped treat my fungal infection within a month
Even after long, tireless tries and seeing no cure for fungal infection how switching to Dr Sharda Ayurveda helped in effective recovery from the disease- Shares Sukhmeet Kaur

With each passing day my foot condition was becoming miserable and the sight of seeing it every day disheartened me to a great extent. Myself Sukhmeet Kaur was suffering from fungal infection from quite a few months back which was more than enough to significantly hamper my work schedule. The visibility of black-spotted boils which caused extreme pain and itchiness and in the worst-case scenario, there was oozing out of smelly water from them. I thought my life would stop and wouldn’t be able to perform basic daily routine work as one day even standing on the feet was difficult and walking you can’t even think for it. I thought my earlier negligence of the condition had greatly impacted my standard of living accompanied by extreme pain and discomfort every day. With a will to treat the condition I consulted with various dermatologists and started with medications as per the guidance. But was depressed to see that even taking care and following the proper regular course of medications there was not a single sign of recovery. Even by switching to different other medical practices, the results were always temporary and reoccurrence of the symptoms was observed.

The hope to recover from infection soon starts shattering until got to know about Dr. Sharda Ayurveda. After a full search and going through the success story of recovered patients I was convinced to pay a visit. All of the new investigations were done and it was detected that the condition of my foot has reached to severe condition of fungal infection. I was crying and was disturbed while visualizing the condition but the experts of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda gave the hope of recovery. The guidance of the experts helped me recover well from the condition. The Ayurvedic treatment was wholesome of medications; a specialized diet accompanied with lifestyle modifications that aid in effective recovery. With the recommendation from the experts, I strictly followed each pointer, and to my surprise where other medicines didn’t cure the disease there, Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda gave positive results in just a month. The results of Ayurvedic treatment to my surprise were marvelous and within just 1½ months of treatment, there is the complete disappearance of the painful, and itchy boils. I was suggested to undergo for full 3 months of treatment to heal the condition internally as Ayurveda believes that the disturbance in bodily system functioning is the root cause of emergence and flaring-up of diseases symptoms. Additionally, the continuous treatment would help in effective and natural improvement thus reducing the chances of the reappearance of the symptoms. My deteriorating health has taught me that “Health should always be one’s priority with no compromise” and keeping up the healthy diet and lifestyle are the simple path for living a sustainable and disease free-living. 

Thanking them would not be enough to compensate for what they have blessed me with i.e., life without ailments. Thereby as per my personal experience would suggest everyone to consult Dr. Sharda Ayurveda for safe and authentic results.



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