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How Can a Term Plan Help You Plan Ahead of COVID Crisis?

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

In times of crisis, we may find that our goals and expectations from life become more apparent. In the last few months, life has started to look very different than before. The unexpected events of this year have left us all a little distressed. Nevertheless, the collective efforts to fight against the global pandemic have been remarkable. 

Out of these efforts, there is one that we may not be talking about enough. A term insurance policy is a financial instrument that is capable of offering some peace of mind in these times. Life is full of uncertainties, in general, but the need to protect ourselves against threats in the environment has never been more urgent. 

More people are turning to term policy in India because of the COVID unrest. Let us discuss what is term plan and what its benefits are, which are incredibly relevant in the present. 

What is a Term Plan?

Many types of life insurance policies can be helpful to different people with separate financial profiles. Among them, a term insurance policy is one of the basic forms of life insurance. It offers life coverage for an extended period at affordable premiums. 

A term insurance policy is a suitable choice for the policyholders who wish to be trouble-free for a longer time. When you look for a term policy in India, you will find plans covering up to 99 years of age. No matter the life stage you are currently in, a term insurance policy will prove to be of value.  

Why Do You Need a Term Insurance Policy?

At any given point in life, you may be exposed to several life-threatening elements. It becomes even more prominent when you are responsible for the well-being of your loved ones. If you are the breadwinner of your family, the responsibility of preparing for their future falls on you. 

Here are some of the reasons why you need a term insurance policy.

  • Death Benefit

The fundamental purpose of a term insurance policy is to provide financial assistance in case of the policyholder’s untimely demise. It is up to you to determine the coverage amount your family may require in the future and is essential to be mindful of long-term needs so that it fulfills its purpose well. 

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock


  • Tax Benefits

In life, there are multiple financial liabilities that you have to manage with your income. If purchasing a term insurance policy only adds to your expenses, it will defeat its purpose.

The government of India allows certain tax benefits on the premiums payable towards term insurance policy in India. There are exemptions on the amount that the beneficiary receives upon claiming the term insurance policy as well.

  • Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is of utmost priority in life. If you are always stressed out about the finances, it will make everything seem more challenging than it needs to be. A term insurance policy takes care of your future in a way that allows you to live a secure and worry-free life. The sooner you invest in one, the longer you will enjoy the benefits of a term insurance policy.

  • Riders

Most of us are aware of the critical benefits of a term insurance policy. However, we may miss out on the opportunity to expand them with riders if we do not know about them. Riders are add-ons to an existing policy that is optional for the policyholder. It can help personalize and strengthen the term insurance policy’s coverage immensely if you choose the right one. 

Given the current circumstances, insurers strive to provide the best benefits possible to the policyholder. One such relevant addition is the Max Life COVID-19 One Year Term Rider. It is specifically introduced to reduce the burden on the policyholder’s finances upon diagnosis with the COVID-19 or death.  The benefits of this rider are payable over and above the base term insurance policy. 

Get Ahead of the COVID Crisis 

We have been living under strenuous circumstances for a while now and have adapted to the lifestyle changes in terms of our daily routines and habits. Although, the need to create a financial plan for it has become more abundant as time passes. With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing each day, it may cause severe strain on your pocket if you are not prepared for it. 

Hence, it is the right time to review your existing term insurance policy and make appropriate changes to it. If you plan to purchase a term insurance policy, make sure to assess the benefits in terms of the ongoing health crisis. Along with that, be sure to choose a trusted insurance provider to meet your requirements. It is crucial to approach the fight against the pandemic with a comprehensive solution. 



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