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How Online Casino Gaming Is Changing in 2022

We all love gambling! The adrenaline rush in our veins and the great curiosity for the possibility of winning thousands with a little. For centuries, our kind found ways to bet, from lotteries to sponsor the Chinese Wall to the Casinos in Venice in the late 18th century. The alteration was captivating, depending on advanced technology as well. 

Mediums of gambling have also changed significantly. Colonisation and the steam railroad led to a tremendous exchange between cultures. A European-style Roulette moved to the other edge of the world, like Mississippi, in a couple of weeks. 

And then, the information age began, and the Mighty Internet penetrated our lives in multiple modes. Gambling was not an exception. Online casinos and bookmakers mushroomed ever-growingly. The current global online gambling market’s volume has already exceeded 58 billion USD by 2021. 

Such a massive cake whets various global platforms’ appetites, and the battlefield is one of the most competitive industries worldwide. In this article, we will highlight the current gamblers’ tendencies, the rising role of cryptocurrencies as payment methods, and other technological innovations in games. Therefore, you can shape your opinion on today’s online casino websites and gambler habits.  

Photo by Naim Benjelloun

Photo by Naim Benjelloun

Expected Grow of Online Casino Gaming in 2022

Growing like a snowball, the gambling market is expected to broaden at a compound annual growth rate of 12.1% by the end of 2022. Actually, this is an underestimated prediction when we think of the online casinos’ influence on casino lovers passed through Covid-19 conditions and the great attention of Generation Z towards online gambling.  

The biggest game changer is the latest developments in the field. Day by day, game vendors create better and more exciting products obtainable for every style, budget, and background. For instance, the comeback versions of Andar Bahar and Teen Patti have already made their own fans in a blink of an eye. 

It is not a secret that the gaming sector targets new generations as market share. Because according to recent statistics, the younger generation between 21-35 is more prone to spend freely on online gaming and betting. Thus, in light of market analyses, we can clearly say that online casinos live their Renaissance nowadays.    

The online casino India game selections are incredibly rich and host Blackjack, Roulette, jackpot slot titles, Poker, and other attractive games. Are you struggling to find the best one matching your needs? The main anchors you need to focus on are payment options, a wide range of casino games, and a valid gaming licence from a steadfast regulatory authority.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games in India

India is not just a fantastic country but also one of the world’s gambling capitals. Besides its immersive population and high appeal of Indians in online casino games, there is a constantly augmenting market here. Thus, India has always been on the radar of international platforms looking for online casino games at the centre of attention in India.   

The most loved games in India are Teen Patti, Roulette, Baccarat, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Craps, Blackjack, and Andar Bahar. In addition to those, slot games are always apples of an eye, just like around the globe.    

Live Dealer Games vs Slot Games: Which are Played More?

What a big dilemma! Colourful and dynamic slot games or exciting table games with the participation of live professional live dealers. Considering the latest statistics applied in India, live casino sections are more visited than any slot game or progressive jackpots. The main reason here is familiarity with some traditional Indian card games, such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

In a nutshell, Teen Patti (meaning three cards in Hindi) is a traditional poker-like card game. The Indian subcontinent and South Asia have been enjoying this unique game for centuries. Considering the simplicity in Teen Patti rules, it is not surprising to see it as one of India’s most popular card games.

Thanks to creative software developers like Ezugi, it is possible to find a plethora of Teen Patti, like Bet on Teen Patti, streaming from a superb studio in Romania. Plus, OTT Andar Bahar from Ezugi broadcasts live and in full HD from the opulent Casino Marina in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Changes in Gamblers’ Habits 

Unlike some decades ago, you do not need to travel to Sikkim or Goa to enjoy your favourite casino games. Nowadays, you only need a stable internet connection and an account to play a near-endless selection of advanced, classic, and eclectic casino games. There are no dress codes, limited payment methods, no travelling for hours, and no concern about how to get back home after a long night.

Even better, the majority of online casinos serve mobile applications to utilise through our mobile devices. These state-of-art apps free us from the hold-down of location and time. Anywhere we go becomes an online casino now. Are you one of those bypassing filling your device with apps? No worries! People like you are not forgotten. Almost all online casinos are compatible with browsers on mobile devices.

While land-based casinos are far behind their golden days, most online casino lovers prefer mobile applications. You will probably realise that the app has already been downloaded thousands of times when you want to install one. None of us has time to sit in front of a desktop in such a rushing world. Right?  

Cryptocurrency in Online Gambling Market

Another mesmerising development in years is the integration of future currency into the online casino market, cryptocurrencies. Although the discussion about using these innovative versions of money is still on the table, most online casino websites have already given space in their payment methods.  

If you own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, or Tether, you can just bind your crypto wallet with the platform. The deposits and withdrawals can be completed smoothly by target crypto addresses. The good news is that you will find numerous extra welcome bonuses and cashbacks special for crypto loads! Considering the high demand for this method, undoubtedly, we will encounter more and more online casinos with crypto payment options in the future.

Casino and Sports Betting Bonuses 

Who does not like a generous welcome bonus or a good percentage cashback to compensate for a bitter loss? Bonuses are a significant part of this competitive battlefield. Players can struggle to choose among these mouth-watering bonuses. However, no matter whether it is an online casino or sports betting, it is crucial not to fall for a sugar-coated, mission-impossible bonus instead of a decent but guaranteed one. 

Some of the most inviting promotions are Free Spins, Free Bets, Freerolls, and No Deposit Bonuses. These are great opportunities to get closely acquainted with a new platform without risking your money. Aren’t you satisfied with the services? Simply walk away. No attachments. No regrets. Pretty impressive, right?   




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