How to beat painter champion challenge

The Painter Champion Test is the last section into the series of occasions that praises the Variety Fest in Conflict of Families. Like most different difficulties, players are given a set number of troops and spells, and are entrusted with cutting down the safeguards of the rival town. It is an incredible way to exhibit the Painter Champion skin for the Imperial Boss, as well as procuring XP, Pearls, and a Developer Elixir. In the event that you’re attempting to get a three star finish in this test, fret not — This is the way you can beat the Painter Champion Test in Conflict of Factions.

Clash Of Clans: How To Beat Painter Champion Challenge
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The most effective method to get 3-star in the Painter Champion Test in Conflict of Groups
Beating the Painter Champion Test will remunerate players with 400 XP, 20 Jewels, and a Developer Mixture to accelerate the manufacturers in your town. Each player will get the accompanying soldiers to use in the attack:

Regal Hero
3 Rocket Inflatables
7 Inflatables
11 Mythical serpents
3 Talent scouts
3 Lightning Spells
1 Fury Spell
4 Freeze Spells
1 Seismic tremor Spell
1 Skeleton Spell
That being said, to complete this occasion challenge with three stars, you should decisively send your soldiers to augment their utility. Following the means underneath, you ought to have the option to effortlessly get a three star culmination.

Stage 1: Convey Rocket Inflatables

To begin the test attack, convey two Rocket Inflatables close to the Bowman Pinnacle toward the left half of the base. This will assist with annihilating the Toxophilite Pinnacle, as well as trigger the Toxin Spell Pinnacle close by.

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Stage 2: Use Seismic tremor and Lightning Spells

Subsequent to sending the rocket inflatables, drop the Quake in the middle of between the Air Protection, Hellfire Pinnacle, and the Toxic substance Spell Pinnacle situated toward the highest point of the base. Then, at that point, drop two Lightning Spells over the Air Safeguard to take it out, and another over the Hellfire Pinnacle.

Stage 3: Send the Illustrious Boss

The following stage is to convey the Regal Hero close to the Bowman Pinnacle toward the highest point of the base. When the Imperial Top dog brings forth, quickly utilize their Looking for Safeguard capacity to thump down the Bowman Pinnacle, Hellfire Pinnacle, Sweeper, and Toxic substance Spell Pinnacle. In the wake of doing as such, the Regal Hero will push down to the Air Safeguard toward the left of the base prior to continuing to go after the Hellfire Pinnacle close by. When the Hellfire Pinnacle falls, convey each of the three Head Trackers close to the partner Regal Boss to bring down the adversary Imperial Hero.

At the point when the foe Regal Hero is crushed, your unified Illustrious Top dog will drop down to go after the Air Safeguard toward the left half of the base. This will be your sign to drop the Skeleton Spell toward the left side corner of the Scattershot. The Skeleton Spell will set off both the Fury Spell Pinnacles close to the Municipal center, accordingly refuting the buff foe gunnery would possibly get against your soldiers.

Stage 4: Convey Mythical beasts and Inflatables

At long last, send every one of your Winged serpents from the right half of the base, and make a point to spread them out equally. Essentially, send your Inflatables right behind your Mythical beasts. Then, utilize one Freeze Spells on every one of the two Hellfire Pinnacles as your soldiers invade the adversary base. You may likewise utilize Freeze Spell on the Hawk Big guns, or the Scattershot. Following a couple of moments, all foe designs will be obliterated by your leftover soldiers, hence procuring you the three star culmination on this occasion challenge easily.