Credits - Indy100

How To Beat the Password Game
A guide on Beating the Password Game

If you’ve ever played the latest browser puzzle, The Password Game, you know it can be a tad frustrating. This game throws some tricky mechanics your way that might leave you scratching your head. The goal? Well, it’s all about satisfying the “Rules” that pop up as you enter numbers or letters. But here’s the kicker – these rules can sometimes clash, forcing you to change your Password to make them all happy. Some are as straightforward as knowing how to play Chess, while others might ask you to identify a popular brand’s logo. And then there are those really complex rules that can make you pull your hair out. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with Seven simple tips and tricks to conquer The Password Game.

Credits – Indy100
  1. Roman Numerals Made Easy

Ever been stumped by a Roman numeral or a request to use them for multiplication? Don’t worry; we’ve got a handy chart (Multiplication Table) to help you out. For example, if the game asks for “Roman numerals that multiply to 35,” the answer would be “VIIV.” Keep this chart handy for future reference.

  1. Wordle Puzzle Shortcut

One of the Rules might require you to enter the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle. If you don’t have time for vocabulary games, you can always look up today’s Wordle answer on Screen Rant, where it’s updated daily. This way, you’ll save time and keep your progress going.

  1. Tackling Random Images

At some point in the game, you’ll be asked to identify a random image. These images can be anything from Google Earth screenshots to entirely random visuals. Here’s a heads-up: the Image Rule can vary for different players. To tackle this, consider using a Reverse Image Search tool to help you out.

  1. Periodic Table Shortcut

Not everyone’s a chemistry whiz, and memorizing all those elements on the periodic table can be a real challenge. However, one of The Password Game’s Rules asks you to “use a two-letter symbol from the periodic table.” To make it easier, you can use symbols from the provided image (Science Notes). Just remember to avoid using vowels to avoid conflicts with other rules.

  1. Moon Phase Emoji

Need to provide the current moon phase emoji? A quick Google search will give you the moon’s current phase. Then, visit the Emojibase webpage, where you can copy and paste the correct moon phase emoji required to complete this Password Game rule.

  1. Algebraic Chess Notation

The game might throw a chess-related rule at you, requiring you to use Algebraic Chess Notation. It’s the standard method for describing chess moves, and here’s how to do it: (Piece letter capitalized)(“x” if it’s a capture)(space)(“+” or “++” for check/Checkmate). Use these definitions to solve a chess move, like Nxg6+ for a Knight moving to space G6 to capture a Rook and put the king in check.

  1. YouTube Video Length

One rule might ask you to insert the URL of a YouTube video of a certain length. Finding the right video can be a hassle, but you can speed things up using YouTube’s Advanced Search or Filter feature. Depending on the requirement, use the “Filter” option to search for a video that’s either “Under 4 minutes,” “4-20 minutes,” or more if needed.


The Password Game can be a real brain-teaser, but with these Seven simple tips and tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer its challenges. Whether it’s Roman numerals, chess moves, or identifying images, you now have the tools to tackle any obstacle the game throws your way. Just remember, it’s all about staying patient and keeping a close eye on those red boxes. And if it ever gets too frustrating, just remember, you can always take a break. Happy gaming!