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How to become a Singer in Bitlife

BitLife is a life simulation game in which users take control of a stranger’s life from beginning to end. CandryWriter LLC developed the free app, which has reached the top of the Apple app store. BitLife allows users to experience what would happen if they majored in biology or ended up in jail for assault using a set of instructions, random occurrences, and comedy. The gameplay is straightforward, not unlike old MUD (Multi User Domain) games from the early days of computing. You choose from a menu of alternatives, such as buying a vehicle or obtaining a job, and then discover how old you may live before dying.

You begin BitLife in an unknown nation with a set of parents who are responsible for your upbringing. You can hardly interact with the world as an infant, and your only choice is to go to the doctor. The world begins to open up as you get older. You can begin spending time with your parents or asking for money when you are four years old. You start elementary school at the age of six. You can eventually start going to the gym, earning your driver’s licence, and even dating.

Following a recent update to BitLife’s music, you may now choose to become a renowned singer. The procedure is similar to that of becoming a great musician. Instead of concentrating on instruments and honing such skills, you should focus on voice classes and honing your singing abilities. Because the singing skill is located in a different menu from the instrument selections, it may be difficult to narrow down and locate.

If you want to be a famous singer, you must improve your vocal abilities. You may accomplish this by heading to the Mind & Body section of the Activities tab. There will be a choice for your character to take voice lessons at the bottom. You’ll want to do these every year, whenever the opportunity arises. You’ll want to do this sooner rather than later because the classes will cost $500 each once your character reaches the age of 18.

Once your character reaches the age of 18, they may try their hand at becoming a musician by going to the Special Careers page under the Occupation menu. You want your character to sign with a record company and become a solo artist. They may also try to join a band as a vocalist, but they are unlikely to make as much money. You’re good to go once the record label or band approves them.

You should work on honing your vocal abilities as much as possible. Most bands and record labels will not accept your application unless you have completed at least 90% of it, so having a part-time job while you rehearse is vital.




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