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How to block a number on your smartphone or landline

Whether you are sick and tired of persistent real estate agents or repeated calls about renewing your car’s warranty, spam calls and texts are unnecessary and frustrating. But blocking phone numbers is one way to stop them and receive fewer unknown callers or robocalls.

In order to block a number, you will need to follow a slightly different process on an iPhone, an Android, or a landline. Here is a guide on how to do so on each device.

It is important to note that if you wish to block your own number and hide your caller ID when calling others, type *67 before the phone number you are calling.

How to block a number on an iPhone

You can block a number on an iPhone either through the call log in your Phone application or through your Messages application.

The most convenient method is to go to your Phone app, go to your recent call log, and press the blue icon that looks like an “i” inside a circle next to the call from the number that you want to block. On the next screen, tap on “Block this Caller.”

After you have successfully blocked someone, you will not receive any further communication from that number via Apple’s communication apps. This means that calls, texts, and FaceTime requests will be blocked. Note that they can still leave a voicemail, but it will not be in your view.

However, the blocked number can still communicate with you through third-party apps that are not associated with Apple. Also, they will not be notified that you have blocked them.

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How to block a number on an Android

If you want to block a number on an Android go into the Phone app and tap the three dots menu that can be found in the top-right corner. Tap on “Settings” > “Blocked numbers,” and add the number that you want to block to the list.

How to block a number on a landline

In order to block a number on a landline phone, you will be required to contact your service provider or use a call-blocking device. It may also be a good idea to add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry.



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