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How to Choose a Power Electronics Supplier

Developing a new and efficient power electronics product can be a great idea for your business as this area is really promising today. Present-day world abounds with new electronics solutions and devices with advanced functionality. 

According to the statistics,  the quantity of various mobile devices will increase up to 18.22 billion by 2025. As far as is known, the more functions and features a device has, the more power it requires. Modern devices need advanced power electronics solutions to be secure and efficient for users. 

Let’s explore top 5 suppliers of power electronics components that will help you create high-quality products.

1. Infineon technologies, Germany, since 1999

This is one of the largest semiconductor products manufacturer. Infineon Technologies developed the smart technology of chip-on-power-MOSFET-die and implemented intelligent management of ignition IGBTs.

The company produces such solutions as Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, Motor control ICs, Gate Driver ICs, Battery Management ICs, and uses such technologies as Silicon, Silicon Carbide, and GaN (Gallium Nitride).

2. STMicroelectronics, Switzerland, since 1987

This company is famous for its analog and digital products that are specified for various applications. STMicroelectronics created the first power single in line packages with 11 and 15 pins. It moved the development of power ICs and packages to an advanced level.

STMicroelectronics produces semiconductor solutions that allows for meeting design targets of any complexity. Among their products are AC-DC and DC-DC converters, Si-, SiC-based MOSFETs, IGBTs, battery charger and wireless charger ICs, uninterruptible power supplies, and other power electronics components.

3. Texas Instruments, the USA, since 1930

This is the world’s 4th manufacturer of semiconductor products. Texas Instruments produces and sells power electronics components that combine analog and digital capabilities. Their products are efficient at power conversion and accurate at voltage regulation. 

The company’s portfolio includes AC/DC, DC/DC switching regulators, battery management ICs, digital power ICs, GaN ICs, USB power switches, charging port controllers, PoE ICs, multichannel ICs to name a few.

Besides, in 2022, TI has recently introduces new power solutions that target electric vehicles’ power systems and ensure their high performance. They are new buck converters: LMQ66430 and LMQ66430-Q1, and a new low dropout linear regulator –  TPS7A94.

4. Microchip Technology, the USA, since 1989

Microchip Technology creates famous PIC family mixed signal microcontrollers and power electronics components. The company produces a wide range of solutions for creating power electronics systems: converters, inverters, wireless power solutions, renewable and solar power products, and others.

Moreover, the company develops solutions for power conversion designs and offers MCUs and DSCs on-chip peripherals created for power conversion. 

5. NXP Semiconductors, the Netherlands, since 2006

NXP Semiconductors produces high-quality IC and discrete products that target industrial and automotive applications. The company is famous for its invention – Temperature overload Protected MOSFET – TOPFET. It was firstly released around 1999.

Today, NXP Semiconductor has various products for power and power management applications: lighting driver and controller ICs, load switches, motor and solenoid drivers, AC-DC solutions, battery management solutions, components for the power electronics systems of electric vehicles.