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How to comment gif on Instagram post

The main screen, DMs, and Stories sections of the Instagram app frequently undergo modifications as new features are added.

How to Post a GIF on Instagram – In a Post or on Your Story
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To remark with more than just text and emoticons for the first time, this could be the most exciting addition in a long time.
GIFs are brief, looping movies that may be used to express specific ideas without spelling them out. Memes-style humour is frequently employed in GIFs.

GIPHY, which has been a part of the Instagram programme for some time and boasts the largest GIF collection, may now be used in comments.
Here is how you do it:
Instagram users started complaining on Twitter on Thursday (February 16) that they could not comment GIFs on posts.
The fact that the platform still needs to make the new function official implies that it may currently be a test feature.
When Instagram makes changes to the app, it frequently experiments with the new concept on a small sample of accounts to determine if people would like it.
If including GIFs in comments is a success, the platform could make it available to all users worldwide as an official feature.
Inquiries about the new function have been made to Instagram by HITC and GRV Media.

If you have the new feature, a GIF button similar to this one should be shown on the right side of the search bar:
Just hit the button and type a term associated with the GIF you want to reply with to start a search. You may type “laughing” or “fashion,” for instance.
Choose the GIF you wish to use for your comment by scrolling through the collection. Once added to the remark, you may click “Publish.”
It’s new to reply in comments using GIFs, but you can already use videos to respond in DMs and Instagram Stories.
Click on the search bar to find an Instagram Story. Then, select a GIF you wish to send by clicking the GIF button on the right side of the screen.
Be cautious about what you click on since the GIF will be instantly sent as soon as you tap on it. Then it’ll show up on their Direct Messages.
You may instantly erase a GIF you unintentionally sent by going to the DMs area. Merely locate the GIF, press and hold on to it, and then select “Unsend.”
Tap the Plus icon to the right of the search bar, choose GIF, and then proceed to send a GIF in a DM as usual.