How to do the 16 missed calls trend on TikTok

A new concept called as the 16 missed calls was popular among Tiktok video creators and Instagram reels producers. it’s the ideal opportunity to make your very own video photographs and recordings to make it viral.

Source: Youtube

On this pattern, clients make a mockery of their old wreck-looking photographs or recordings at first by adding an inscription text “Fellow or sweetheart saying – “you are not my sort” from the beginning and afterward shows your new appealing looking photographs finally later 16 miss call verses.

Individuals all over the planet accept this as a pattern and show interest in making a similar sort of video because, all things considered, a large number of us might confront the genuine circumstance as a result of our looks and possibly be dismissed ordinarily. that is the reason everybody attempting to do this video.

most clients who make this video as retribution to show the current looks to the person who detested you before too, some of them likewise make it for showing their extraordinary changes and searches for engaging their adherents moreover. to post another video dependent on this here you can learn it without any problem.

So how about we get into the means to make the video by utilizing your Android or iPhone by utilizing the TikTok application just, to add some enhancements you can likewise use in shot video proofreader or cap cut also.

How To Do the 16 Missed Calls Sorry I was Busy Edit pattern on Tiktok?

To make or do this 16 miss call moving video you can follow basic two strategies.

by utilizing the TikTok application and utilizing video editorial manager applications.

By utilizing the video altering application

assuming you use it in shot or cap cut you can improve it much.

Open Inshot video supervisor and make another venture in 9:16 proportion. then, at that point, import the main photograph and 3 to 5 pictures you want to add finally. additionally, you want to add this music to the timetable too.

later that change the pictures as per the melody lines. change the primary photograph length to 0.3 seconds and type “sorry you’re not my sort” by utilizing the composing device. you can add the verses also with next to no difficulty. then, at that point, you want to change the span of the photographs to 0.2 seconds each for those last ones.


Utilizing TikTok to settle on 16 miss decision video alter


Open the TikTok application and select the music first (Here is the music interface)

then, at that point, you want to choose a photograph or video from the cookroom you wish to add at first by utilizing the greenscreen impact accessible on the impacts tab.

after choosing the greenscreen hold the record button before saying 16 miss call. then, at that point, record a little piece while saying 16 miss call, the vast majority utilize a dark foundation and type it there.

later that you can add your new-looking 2-4 photographs finally utilizing the green. you can add it from the camera roll also.