Golden Gun

How to get golden weapons in overwatch

Quite possibly of the greatest “flexes” you can have in Overwatch 2 is your assortment of brilliant weapons. A great deal of players procure them by arriving at the most noteworthy positions in the game while others get them through long stretches of crushing consistently. Players of any position can procure brilliant weapons in Overwatch 2 and it is just a question of playing the positioned game modes however much as could be expected. While moving from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, there isn’t a lot of that has changed and you are as yet ready to get something like one brilliant weapon for every season decently effectively as long as you play enough.

Overwatch 2: How To Get Golden Guns
Source: Roccat – CA

The most effective method to procure Brilliant Weapons in Overwatch 2

Assuming you are new to Overwatch 2, you want to open the Serious game modes first. To do as such, you want to get 50 Speedy Play wins before you gain admittance to the positioned stepping stool. When you are qualified for Cutthroat, you can play either Job Line or Open Line. When you get seven successes or 20 misfortunes (whichever happens prior), you will be compensated a position and you can attempt to arrive at a higher position or absolutely get however many successes as would be prudent for Cutthroat Places (CP).
Serious Focuses permit you to buy brilliant weapons in Overwatch 2. This is the way much CP you get for arriving at specific positions:

  • Bronze: 65 CP
  • Silver: 125 CP
  • Gold: 250 CP
  • Platinum: 500 CP
  • Precious stone: 750 CP
  • Ace: 1,200 CP
  • Grandmaster: 1,750 CP


These focuses will be granted to you toward the finish of a season. Do take note of that only one position includes so setting in any of the three jobs in Job Line or getting arrangement in Open Line will include yet ensuing situations in a similar season won’t count.

Beside the occasional places, you additionally get 15 CP per win and 5 CP per draw. You can buy a brilliant weapon of your decision for 3,000 CP. So you want to get 200 successes in a season, which isn’t much in the event that you are a customary player. You really want a little more than three wins a day in a 60-day season regardless of whether you are in Bronze. Higher-positioned players come to the 3,000 CP edge significantly earlier however you really want to hold on for the rest of the time for the occasional compensations to be granted.

When you have enough CP, you can open brilliant weapons in Overwatch 2 by going to the Legends menu and you will actually want to buy it from the weapons segment. Brilliant weapons are material to ALL skins that you have so you just have to get a brilliant weapon once per legend.