How to hide photos on iPhone (may 22 edition)

So you want to conceal an image on an iPhone? You would prefer not to delete it; you essentially needn’t bother with some other individual seeing it?

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Source: Mac Rumours

Maybe you will have an inconceivable shot of the kids illustrated as a recognition present for the mate, or you snapped a photo of the secretive birthday present summary for your better half.

Anything your clarifications behind expecting to conceal photos on your iPhone may be, that is your uneasiness. My nervousness is showing you three techniques for getting it going.

Guidelines to hide pictures on iPhone with the Photos application

This procedure is quick and straightforward; in any case, it won’t keep someone away from finding an image if they approach your phone (meaning they know the mystery word or you open it for them) and a hint of iPhone able, yet it will keep a large number individuals from genuinely finding the picture (or video).


  1. Send off the Photos application and open the image to be concealed, or select various pictures to be concealed.
  2. Tap the Share image, which is by all accounts a case with a bolt standing up out of it.
  3. On the base taskbar, focus on one side until you see the image of a square shape with a cut over “Hideaway,” then, at that point, tap Hide.
  4. Tap “Conceal Photo” (or Photos) to assert.

The photos are presently killed from your central assortment and saved in an assortment called… “Hidden away.” To get to them, from the photo application’s essential screen, investigate directly down. Under “Various Albums” you’ll find the hold under “Hidden away.”

The best technique to secret expression shield pictures on iPhone uses the Notes application

Need your photographs, accounts, or various media secret keys got? Use Notes.

  1. Open the image to be gotten, then, at that point, tap the Share image.
  2. From the middle taskbar, tap “Add to Notes” and a short time later hit “Save.”
  3. Send off the Notes application, then open the note with the image.
  4. Tap the Share image in the upper right.
  5. On the base taskbar, look to the “Lock Note” image and tap it.

Expecting this is the primary note you have locked, make a mystery expression and hint, then, hit “Done.” When you tap the lock image that is as of now appearing in the upper right, your note will evaporate, and you’ll have to tap “View Note” and enter your mystery key to see it. Make sure to delete the photo from the Photos application!


Bit by bit guidelines to use a text to hide a photo on your iPhone

If you don’t require someone to find an image in your photo application and you figure they could look at Notes (or another photo application you have downloaded), send yourself the photo or note through text, then, delete it from your photos. But if someone slips around through your texts, your image will be open anyway challenging for others to find.