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How to hide photos on iPhone (september 22 update)

Hello people, in this article, we’ll look at how to hide pictures on an iPhone 13 running iOS 15. Swiping up from the lower part of the screen will return you to your home screen. From that point, pick Pictures and afterwards select the photographs you wish to hide by going to the library or collections. Thus, for example, if I need to cover the main three photos, I’ll stir things up around the town button at the highest point of the screen, select, and afterwards from this menu, pick at least one photograph to stow away.

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Whenever you’ve picked the fundamental photographs, tap the offer symbol at the lower part of the screen, and afterwards look up. You might select to uncover or conceal the mysterious collection under settings, so press on concealing three pictures or hide the number of photographs you have picked. Subsequent to tapping the conceal button, it expresses these photographs will be covered up yet can be found in the secret collection.


Now that they are eliminated from your library, they are concealed in the secret collections, so on the off chance that I tap on collections and, go down to the utility segment, I can tap on concealed to uncover my covered-up photographs. Assuming that you’d like, you can likewise conceal this secret collection by going into settings, so first we return to the home screen, then, at that point, we tap on Settings on the home swing, and afterwards, we swipe up to go down and tap on the secret collection.


To cover pictures and stowed away collections from photographs on the iPhone 13 series running iOS 15, switch off the flip button. Then, when you return to Photographs and pick up the utility area, the secret collection will as of now not be accessible for you to address.