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How to hide purchases on amazon

In this article, I will show you the best way to stow away or chronicle orders on your amazon account. So this can be great assuming you request something humiliating or perhaps you have requested a gift and you need to ensure that somebody for you doesn’t realize that you bought it for Them. Now in this instructional exercise, I’ll begin by showing you the best way to conceal orders on a PC in the program and afterwards I’ll show you the best way to do this on your telephone.

How to Hide Amazon Orders: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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Good so how about we feel free to get everything rolling. First thing you want to do is essentially go to amazon.com and sign in to your record. Whenever you’ve done that go up into the top menu and select returns and orders. This will stack every one of the orders you’ve made on your Amazon Account. You should simply go down to the base left of your desired request to stow away and you’ll see the file request. So on the off chance that I select document request, it will request that I affirm I need to document it. Currently remember you can chronicle up to 500 orders and you can constantly see this later in an Archive requested list. That is somewhat more diligently to get to so I’m going on at the base and select file request and as you would see it would have been stowed away from the rundown of your orders.  Now to see my documented requests or I incidentally documented the request and I need to unarchive them. I should simply choose my record up in the upper right then once you’re in your record look down until you see requesting and shopping Preferences and afterwards you ought to see filed orders select that now we can see every one of the orders that we’ve chronicled.  We need to unarchive a request. Select unarchive request in the base left and afterwards it will be eliminated from our chronicled orders. Now to conceal an amazon request on your telephone either android or iphone it really is basically impossible to do it in the application. So assuming that I go in the application and I go to your orders you can see the request that we just documented in the work area and there’s no choice but to chronicle it.  I can choose into one of the things and there’s no choice to chronicle the request so what I suggest doing is Actually opening up your program once you get in your program go to amazon.com sign into your record presently i’ll do this on the firefox program on my telephone yet it’ll be practically the same assuming you’re in chrome or safari we should simply open up the menu for your program and for the most part it’s three spots in the upper right of the application and find demand work area site or work area rendition something to that effect so as you can see I have this choice here it’ll reload amazon to where it seems as though it is on a work area site from that point I can just choose return and orders and afterward as you can see it will stack my request that I just saw as I did on my personal computer and I can choose chronicle request and afterward I can document it there so it will be similar advances it is on the Desktop you need to advise your portable program to stack the site as a work area okay so that is the way you conceal a request on amazon



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