How to not get lost among thousands of online slots

There are several thousand slots according to this index of online slots. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time picking up something worthwhile. The fact is that you will be offered different slots not only with some design features in the form of 3, 4 or 5 reels. In addition, you will be offered different numbers of slots ranging from 1, 3, 5, and 20 to 50, 1024 or Megaways. In addition, all the slots have a different multiplier that you can get as a result of the highest combination. In other words, there are as many slots as there are parameters. I’ve only talked about the design features. And then there are the slot features like a huge number of quests from the role of a pirate captain to the search for lost treasures of an ancient civilization. In addition to all this diversity in which you can get confused, there is still RTP-pointer to which you should pay attention in the first place. The higher this variable is, the better your chances of winning. In addition, there is the RTP. This parameter works very differently from the RTP. Volatility shows how often and how big your winnings will be. As you can see, choosing slots based on their parameters is getting harder from year to year.


Some casino review websites offer slot search tools

Yes, the ability to search for a particular slot title is present in almost every online casino. Gaming platforms are designed in a way that makes it easy for players to find the games they need. In order to find the slot or other game you want, you have to go to the home page and find the games section. More often than not, the search is at the top of all the highlighted categories. It’s not hard to find, so you can immediately type the name of the game into the search box and if it’s on the site, it will be displayed right on this page. To reduce the number of slots you are searching among, you can try selecting a particular provider. Such an option is available on virtually every site. Just click on the Providers category, which is right next to the games, and select the right developer. His games will appear on the same page. This method is very convenient for those who haven’t decided on a particular game yet and just want to find games from one provider.

In addition to these two ways of searching for games, you will be offered a special categorisation in the form of sorting by some features. Not all online casinos have this option, but most do. These are special features that you can highlight in the slots. You’ll be able to find slots with different RTP, High or Low Risk, by Megaways, by Volatility, by Bonus Rounds and by theme (Fruits, Sevens etc). As you can see you actually have some pretty solid search tools and you can use them to choose the slots you like.


New slots are better in general

This may come as a revelation to some, but it is a fact. Why is this so? The fact is that new slots tend to give you the opportunity to win more often. What this could be due to is also a mystery to me. But, I tend to think that the new slot providers are trying to get a higher RTP percentage. This is to ensure that the first players get as much out of the new game as possible. As a consequence, the slot will become popular due to the fact that they win more often. Of course, this is a huge plus for the provider. After all, the more players who play a given slot, the more profit the company will make. The second point, which follows from the first assumption, is that the more players play, the bigger the winnings. This is actually true and is not in dispute. Imagine a slot that has a high RTP percentage and has been recently released. A lot of users go to play such a slot. Due to the fact that they make a lot of bets in this game some customers get big winnings. So the popularity of the slot grows, and so do the winnings.


Play most popular slots

Of course, I recommend playing those slots that are proven and time-tested. Why? Because the RTP, Volatility and other parameters are already known. Plus, a lot of players have played them and they know the peculiarities of such slots very well. In these games, you can choose different characteristics. On my list, there are those slots that contain huge multipliers, and different RTP variations (the higher the theoretical return, the better), you will also learn about special features that these games have and you will know the volatility. In addition, popular slots will be much more profitable a priori. The fact is that a lot of players play them and they generate a common pool of rewards. For example, 9 players walk away with a loss, while 10 players bet and immediately win a huge multiplier.

You can also see the ratings for such slots. They are divided into several parameters. But, the main one is of course the RTP and features. All players are interested in the dynamics of the game, not just static spinning reels. With the market becoming saturated with a huge variety of slots, it becomes very difficult to choose something you like. So as the demand for slots grows, so does the demand for their storylines and features.