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How to see Last Seen on WhatsApp If Hidden

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But ever since WhatsApp’s last seen hiding option has been added in the privacy setting, and this made life easy for many. However, it has its disadvantage too. If you hide your last seen, you’ll not be able to see your contacts’ last seen as well.

Which apps can show me Last Seen if it’s private?


WhatStat is an option available for both Android and iOS.The app has thousands of downloads and reviews, but the reviews indicate that it doesn’t work for everyone.

The subscription fee may deter you, but there’s a free trial that might be enough to find what you’re looking for.

Many apps claim they can tell you when someone was last active on WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp does not approve or recommend any of these apps, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work.


Another popular Android option is WaStat.This app, which comes with a 24-hour free trial period, can monitor up to 10 users and report when they were last active. The reviews on this one are mixed—it’s not clear why it works for some people and not others.

However, if you still need to spy on your contact’s last seen and continue to monitor when that person is coming online, this post is definitely for you. All you need to have to do is to install an app called Whatsdog on your smartphone.

This tool lets you be notified whenever a contact gets online on WhatsApp. You need not have WhatsApp installed on your phone nor even have the person saved in your contacts book.

The app only requires a phone number to start tracking. Once added, it gives detailed information about when that person gets on and off WhatsApp.


If you wonder how to see last seen on WhatsApp even if hidden, WhatsLog is another amazing Android application that you can use on your WhatsApp.

You can put any of your friend’s numbers in this application, whenever your friend comes online or offline on WhatsApp, you will get a notification of that.

In this WhatsApp last seen checker, you can also change the notification sounds to the ones you want for each contact. It provides a one-day free trial before purchasing.

Moreover, at any time you can withdraw the subscription, the data is stored on their secure protocol, and everything is safe!


To begin with, wTrack is the best online WhatsApp last seen tracker in our list with more than 100,000+ downloads. You can easily check your friends and your family’s time that spends on WhatsApp.

It also features in parental control to get a notification once your children become online or offline. More details like online/offline time, duration as well as contact number will be shown on your account.

What’s more, it’s completely anonymous and your contacts can’t know that you’re tracking their last seen or online activity.