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How To Unlock Costumes in Street Fighter 6
A guide on Unlocking Costumes in Street Fighter 6

Unlocking costumes in Street Fighter 6 is an exciting way to personalize your gameplay experience and showcase your dedication to the game. Customizing your character’s appearance can add a new level of immersion and make your fighter stand out in battles and esports events. In this guide, we’ll explore the different methods to unlock costumes and colors in Street Fighter 6.

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Choosing the right character in Street Fighter 6 is an important decision that goes beyond their fighting abilities. Your chosen character represents your personality and can leave a lasting impression on opponents and viewers alike. Understanding the background and personality of each fighter is crucial, as it helps you connect with them and enjoy the hours spent mastering their moves. In addition, the game offers a range of character customization options, including costumes and colors, which can further enhance your connection with your chosen fighter.

Street Fighter 6 provides various options for character customization, although they may not be as extensive as those found in games like Tekken 7. Costumes in Street Fighter 6 play a significant role in changing the overall atmosphere surrounding your character. However, it’s important to note that costumes are available as complete sets, and individual parts cannot be mixed and matched. Nonetheless, you can personalize these costumes by selecting different colors, which not only changes their appearance but also demonstrates your commitment to the game, as some colors are challenging to obtain.

Each game character in Street Fighter 6 has default costumes, which represent their basic appearance. Additionally, characters have story costumes that can be unlocked by completing their respective Character Stories mode. Once unlocked, you can purchase story costumes using Fight Money (FM). In Street Fighter 6, the cost of all story costumes is 40,000 FM.

Furthermore, characters also have premium costumes, known as alternate costumes, which cannot be purchased with Fight Money. Instead, these costumes require Zenny, a special in-game currency. Each premium costume in Street Fighter 6 costs 400 Zenny, equivalent to $4.

In addition to costumes, players can unlock different color patterns for their costumes. Initially, each costume in Street Fighter 6 has only two colors available (Color 1 and Color 2). To unlock additional colors, players must complete the Survival Mode at varying difficulty levels. The following is a breakdown of the colors and the associated difficulty levels required to unlock them:

  • Colors 3-10: Easy difficulty awards Color 3; Normal difficulty awards Colors 4, 5, and 6; Difficult difficulty awards Colors 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Unlocking colors can be a repetitive process, as the colors earned are specific to the costume worn during the Survival Mode mission. To obtain all colors for the available costumes, players must change outfits and repeat the process. While this may seem repetitive, it provides an excellent opportunity for training and getting to know your character better.

Colors 11-15 are available for purchase in the in-game store using Fight Money. However, to unlock these colors, your character must reach a specific level. The requirements for each color are as follows:

  • Color 11: Costs 10,000 FM
  • Color 12: Requires level 6 and costs 2,000 FM
  • Color 13: Requires level 12 and costs 5,000 FM
  • Color 14: Requires level 25 and costs 10,000 FM
  • Color 15: Requires level 50 and costs 20,000 FM

To increase your character’s level, you need to play Street Fighter 6 regularly. XP can be earned in almost any game mode, and as your character levels up, you also earn Fight Money. For more information on unlockable characters and leveling, refer to the article on Street Fighter 6 Unlockable Characters.

If you’re curious about all the available costumes and colors in Street Fighter 6, you can visit the official Capcom website, which provides a comprehensive overview of each character’s outfits with different color patterns.

Finally, for those who enjoy further customization options, SF5 mods are available. These modifications alter the appearance of various characters, providing additional avenues to personalize your Street Fighter 6 experience.

In conclusion, unlocking costumes and colors in Street Fighter 6 allows you to personalize your gameplay experience and showcase your dedication to the game. Whether it’s through story costumes, alternate costumes, or unlocking various color patterns, customization options provide an opportunity to create a unique and memorable representation of your chosen fighter. So, dive into the game, explore different modes, and unlock your favorite costumes and colors to make your Street Fighter 6 journey truly your own.