How to Use QR Code on Android Phone

The use of QR codes has increased dramatically during the past ten years. They are shown in books as well as on restaurant windows, bus stations, and storefronts. They’re a practical technique to swiftly point visitors to particular websites.

Additionally, more devices are created to scan QR codes as they become more commonplace. That includes mobile devices.

How to scan a QR code on your Android phone or tablet
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Any Android device with a camera, including smartphones and tablets, can scan QR codes. After scanning the code, you are free to access or distribute the URL (the website it leads to).

How to use your Android to scan a QR code
On the majority of Android devices, you can scan QR codes using the built-in camera app.

1. Launch the camera app on your Android device.
2. Adjust your camera so that the QR code is in focus. The URL of the code will show up at the bottom of the frame if it is simple to scan. To access that URL, tap it.
If your camera is having trouble detecting it, try restarting it or adjusting the QR code so that it isn’t taking up the full screen.

You’ll need to utilize Google Lens, an application that enables online searching using your camera, if that still doesn’t work. You have extra options for using the lens as well.

1. To get the QR code to appear in the frame, open Lens and move your camera.
2. The URL for the QR code will show up above it. If you want to see more possibilities, hit the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen or the URL to open it right away.
3. There are three choices available when you tap the magnifying glass:

The URL on the website is displayed in the browser.

You can paste the URL wherever you want by using the Copy URL function on your smartphone.

Share enables you to text, email, or use another app to transmit the URL to a recipient.
If neither of these approaches works, the QR code may not be valid in the first place.