Hyderabad boy bags Rs 1 crore scholarship to study in US varsity that gave 17 Nobel laureates
Hyderabad boy bags Rs 1 crore scholarship to study in US varsity that gave 17 Nobel laureates- News from ANI

Hyderabad teen wins ₹1 crore scholarship to study at Case Western Reserve University

Vijaya Lakshmi Anandwade, the mother of Vedant Anandwade from Hyderabad, is happy and proud today as her son has received a scholarship of 1 crore rupees to study under graduation pre-med in Neuroscience and psychology from the renowned Case Western Reserve University in the United States.

Case Western Reserve University, which was established in 1967 is one of the top-ranked universities in the United States of America. The eminent institution is also famous for being the alma mater of 17 noble laureates till now.

According to Vedant, he decided to pursue higher education abroad when he was in 8th standard. He chose biology as a subject for his studies and completed the 10th standard during Covid-19 pandemic. On the recommendation of his mother, he joined an institution named Dexterity Global, which helped him to build his CV. Vedant was at that time trying to find out colleges in which he could pursue higher studies, and he decided to enrol on a three-month career development programme.

In Dexterity Global, Vedant and other students were given weekly and monthly assignments which helped them boost their confidence and increase knowledge in subject areas. A team from Dexterity school, of which Vedant is part, won a climate competition challenge. Vedant would soon go to Paris in November, where he and his team would be pitching solutions related to climate change and the climate crisis in front of a jury at UNESCO.

Vedant who wishes to be a surgeon selected the Case Western Uni as his place for higher education due to the fact that the institution has produced numerous noble laureates.

According to Vedant, students should make sure that they participate in extracurricular activities as active as they are in their studies. His resume properly mentioned all kinds of extra curricular activities he has participated in and also his weaknesses and strengths. That factor helped him to get into Case Western Uni for a scholarship of rupees 1 crore.

His mother, Vijaya Lakshmi Anandwade, said that one of the main reasons he got into the university with a scholarship was his active participation in extracurricular activities. According to her, the experience and confidence her son received while he was part of Dexterity Global also helped him to stand out as a candidate.

She also reminded all the parents that every kid has some special qualities and skills inside them. Parents should focus on the overall development of the children and at the same time try to bring out the uniqueness in each of them.