India, US, and China record the most malware infections, says Microsoft
As per the report, the data showed that India accounts for IoT malware infections of more than 10%. 

India ranked in the top 3 among other countries after the US and China where malware infections for the Internet of Things gadgets arose this year, Microsoft said on Wednesday.


According to the threat data of 2022 which was analyzed across different countries noted that the largest share of IoT malware with 38 percent of the total infections particularly originating from China’s large network footprint, data found out by the researchers of Microsoft.


Microsoft Cyber Signal Report said that the United States ranked second among other countries in terms of infected servers where it said that the US observed malware distribution of around 18 percent.


“Microsoft researchers found that India is amongst the top 3 countries originating IoT malware infection in 2022. Therefore, the cyber threat landscape is real and security is the need of the hour,” the report said.

Microsoft logo depicted in its headquarters
Microsoft logo depicted in its headquarters

As per the report, the data showed that India accounts for IoT malware infections of more than 10%.


The research rotated around conventional IT equipment, functional technology (OT) controllers, and IoT devices like routers and cameras.


“The spike in attackers’ presence in these environments and networks is fueled by the convergence and interconnectivity many organizations have adopted over the past few years,” the report said.


Earlier on November 23, a cyber attack was initiated on the servers of AIIMS and after the direction from Investigation agencies, the internet services were blocked and India’s IT experts were busy figuring out when the report came out.


Because of the cyber attack, many things were affected mainly services of the hospital according to reports including the smart lab, billing, report generation, and appointed system


On Wednesday the officials informed that they suspected China and Hong Kong might be the location from where the attack originated. They also added that the Delhi Police has reported to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which can further acquire input from Interpol.


 What is IoT?


The Internet of Things is a physical object with a sensor that is installed in electronic devices like AC, refrigerators, lights, and many other devices. It is a new technology which will help us to move more towards an advanced future.


With the help of IoT, we can manage all the electronics which has the chip and support IoT with only a mobile phone. You just have to have an internet connection where the IoT devices will be connected. It connects and exchanges data with other devices and systems over the internet and other communication systems.