An IndiGo Airlines Aircraft

IndiGo grounds 30 aircrafts due to supply chain crisis

Indian low-cost airline company IndiGo said on Monday that it has grounded nearly 30 aircraft of the company as supply chain disruptions have caused issues with the services. IndiGo is the largest airline company in India in terms of passengers and fleet size. It has more than 270 aircraft under operation.

The latest reports suggest that the company is planning to lease its aircraft in order to increase revenue. There are also plans to implement various programs in order to boost the operations of the company.

IndiGo currently holds more than 55 percent market share of the overall airline industry in India.

indigo airlines
Representation. An IndiGo aircraft. Photo: Reuters/Vivek Prakash

When contacted by Press Trust of India for a statement, a spokesperson of the company confirmed that it has grounded 30 aircraft working under IndiGo. The company also stated that almost every airline business around the globe was facing similar issues with disruptions in the supply chain.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent special military operation of Russia in Ukraine triggered a global supply chain crisis which had a severe impact on nearly all industries in the economic spectrum.

The company spokesperson said that it is working on deploying adequate capacity  of airline services which will ensure smooth customer service. The airline is also working with OEMs and related parties in order to implement adequate measures which will keep the network and operations of IndiGo running as usual.

As the company is working with OEMs on mitigating measures, it is also trying to minimize the economic impact of grounding 30 aircraft. By operating more than 1600 daily flights to nearly 100 destinations, the grounding of 30 aircraft will have a deep impact on the financials of the company. Wet leasing of ground aircraft is part of the company’s efforts to reduce the financial impacts of grounding those aircraft.

The airline is looking at slowing down redeliveries through lease extensions, exploring the reinduction of aircraft into the fleet, and evaluating the wet lease options within the regulatory guidelines.

Despite issues with the supply chain and related disruptions, the airline company will continue to have a bullish stance on the airline industry in the country and will continue to add flight schedules to new and existing markets in and out of the country.

A few days ago, aviation consultancy firm CAPA reported that nearly 75 aircraft in the Indian airline industry are grounded facing mechanical and repair issues.