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InfluenceMojo eyes to grow by 20x this year, Saumya Uniyal talks about why Startups are choosing Influencer Marketing

Takeaway: InfluenceMojo is helping bridge the rising demand of influencers amongst the brands by connecting them with the right creator, enabling stunning campaign results. 

Influencer marketing is a growing industry in India, where the creator’s community is still discovering the potential held by the power of influence vested within them. Marketers have adapted to the new methods of promoting their product and brand by using influencers to promote their product different social media tactics.

We had a talk with Saumya Uniyal from InfluenceMojo team, to have an in-depth conversation about the Influencer marketing in India and how the new companies are using the transformative methods to mark their place in the market. 

To start with, InfluenceMojo is a leading influencer marketing platform in India that has partnered up with some of the top influencers in the game ranging from celeb to micro-influencers. The platform aims at connecting brands with the right influencers using the right marketing techniques to make their brand campaign a success.

One side of the influencer marketing business is run by the influencers themselves who create content on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube specific to their niche, which is what forms the basis of their audience. 

On the other hand, the other side is run by agencies and brands that approach these influencers to promote their product through stories and integrations in the best way to amplify their brand success. 

The best method of promotion for local brands

Saumya, leading the marketing team at InfluenceMojo, told us that the startups are choosing influencer marketing over traditional marketing in today’s time. This is due to multiple factors, including budget restraints, reaching out to a target audience, etc.

For example, local fashion brands often reach out to micro to top influencers in India‘s same region, with a niche audience, to promote their brand using two tactics- brand proximity and product relatability. 

This way, a brand is able to promote their products to an audience that will be interested in their product category instead of reaching out to a bigger audience with some to zero interest in the category. This also helps startups promote their brand in the best way within their budgetary limits. 

Also, ever since the pandemic kicked in, influencer marketing has been shooting up with more and more brands opting for this online advertising method. 

InfluenceMojo has already witnessed a high rise in demand for influencers among the businesses and the platform eyes to grow by up to 20x this year, says the marketing team lead. 

 One of the reasons why influencer marketing has become such a strong market is that the audience has a higher connection and relatability factor with influencers than with celebs, which is why a major chunk of the audience ends up buying the products these influencers recommend. 

InfluenceMojo is India’s #1 influencer network that has partnered up with over 50k companies so far and has the best influencer network onboard with them. The platform has an expert team of individuals that ensures your brand connects with the right type of influencer using the right marketing techniques, to make your brand success and vice-versa. 



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