6 Reasons Behind The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram

Instagram- one of the most popular gaining and giving popularity to people. Hashtags have become the jargon of the new gen. Every life story finds it way through likes and comments with the aid of #Hashtags. Having a significant number of likes and followers has become essential. Instagram is that social media networking app which is so much more than just uploading and liking pictures and maybe, that is one of the crucial reasons why it has surged up the popularity chart. Let’s have a look at numerous yet very simple reasons which led to the rise:

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1. User Friendly

User friendly-yes it is! The interface is interactive, attractive and easy to interpret and follow. To some it may not be that a big reason because our eyes are so used to seeing the ‘good content’ on these apps. It is just because they are made so to appeal the users. But once we get to know a bad UI (user interface), it would make us value more the existing ‘good’ ones. A good UI is pleasing to the eye, subtle and simple which Instagram definitely is.

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2. Platform for Popularity

Instagram is the only app when compared to it contemporaries that lets it users taste popularity in a useful manner. It has given its users a platform to gain instant and convenient popularity with other users. Its integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc has given the users a greater platform to showcase their photography talent or be it any. Users have always come up with different hashtag ideas to make their pictures stand out in the crowd. Most importantly, it is a platform not only for photographers but also bloggers, writers, stylist, designers, artists, etc.

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3. Sassy marketplace

Instagram is definitely the new gen marketplace. It has provided a bridge for buyers and sellers to tread on with their creative work demand and supply, respectively. One could find several users clicking pictures of their designs and putting them on sale with price and other purchase related information. With the use of numerous hashtags, one could feature in the Explore column and get a mass viewing.

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4. From Boring to Beautiful

Talking about Instagram and not mentioning its FILTERS? That would be a grave mistake to commit. Instagram is all about its filters. It has the most creative, coolest and convenient filters. For an amateur photographer, there is no need to worry about the right amount of white balance or saturation level. You have all the moods in the filter so much so that sometimes you don’t even need to use the TOOLS. And moreover, there are several apps out there in the market to add to the inbuilt filters. Trust me, it is ONLY because of these filters that can make an amateur look like a PRO!

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5. From Crap to Crisp

The use of Hashtags is what is the main brand value of Instagram. What is Instagram without #instagood, #instantinsta, #igrammers? The trend of making hashtags ubiquitous goes to Instagram only. The long stories, captions got seriously cut down to one liners attached with hashtags. At some point of time it became a fun game for users to make out sentences without spaces. For example, #havingsomuchfunwithmyBFFs. Even if you have a long write-up, the hashtags provided in the end summed up the story.

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6. Fulfillment of Human ‘desires’

Not the ‘needs’ but definitely, the ‘desires’ of humans are being fulfilled by Instagram. Human desire to get colossal attention is being catered for. It’s feature of easy uploads have made it convenient for people to reach out and get likes, appear beautiful with filters and showcase their travels with photo maps. Instagram has been spot on to detect the desires of the new ‘Selfie’ generation and is leaving no stone unturned to fulfill that.

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To conclude, I highly agree with a Quora user that Instagram “marries two things, Photography and Integration to Social Networking…Powerful combination.” And now, it’s just so much more than ONLY photography.

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