Interesting Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is headlining the news from all around the world due to the fact that it reached heights like never before. Recently, the cryptocurrency managed to break the 2017 record in value and topped $30,000 in value, which is an astonishing number. 

With Bitcoin’s popularity on the rise, its network keeps growing and the acceptance of this cryptocurrency is bigger with each day that passes. The reason as to why Bitcoin is so well-accepted is because unlike other payment methods, it is user-orientated and not controlled by banks/governments. The fees are much lower than the standard and people can actually save money by using it. 

There are tons of things that everyone should know about this cryptocurrency as it is truly magical. So, with that thought in mind, we decided to name a few interesting facts about it. Let’s check them out.

Trading Sites Help You Make Money

Trading sites are platforms where traders sell their Bitcoins and make money. While many would think that the hard part is to earn them (which is done through a process called mining), the truth is, that earning them is just the first in a hard, two-part process. 

The reason for that is because Bitcoin comes with a high volatility rate, meaning that its price changes with each passing day. Traders are not quite able to determine how Bitcoin will fluctuate in the coming days. But, trading sites can, which is why they can help you make money. 

How? They use advanced AI systems which collect the data on Bitcoin from the market and analyze it. With that data stored, they create algorithms which can predict the future price of Bitcoin with great precision, thus letting you know when is the best time to sell them. 

One of the most reputable platforms of this type is, a trading site which has thousands of registered users from all around the world and records a huge daily profitability rate. All you have to do to gain access to these features is register – a process that lasts just a minute. 

Knowing when to sell your Bitcoins will help you avoid the known phenomenon with this cryptocurrency – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and maximize your profits.

Many Celebrities Have Invested In Them 

Bitcoin’s potential is not recognized by the ‘average’ people in the world. Many rich individuals and celebrities are also fond of this concept, which is why they also decided to invest in it. Well-known names such as Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Hugh Laurie, and Logic are just a few of those celebrities. 

The last celebrity to invest in Bitcoin was Logic. He claimed that he invested around $6 million a few months ago. Considering the fact that Bitcoin was still rising in value at that point, we can conclude that the investment has paid out and made him a fortune. 

Reputable Brands Accept It As A Payment Method

One of the biggest myths that surround Bitcoin is that it has no value and you cannot make any purchases with it. Well, the number of reputable brands that have decided to accept it as a payment method will prove those conspiracy theorists otherwise. 

Some of the global brands that integrated Bitcoin in their payment system are Expedia, Starbucks, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and AT&T. 

It Is The Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

While many are familiar with the fact that Bitcoin has tons of advantages over the FIAT currencies, its superiority does not stop there. Bitcoin also has a number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies, which is why so many people pick it as their first option. 

Some of these advantages are: Bitcoin focuses on the safety and anonymity of users far more than other cryptocurrencies, its network is far more stable, and due to the fact that it is more popular, its value is second to none. When we talk about its price, Bitcoin dwarfs the competition. 

Bitcoin Has a Huge Future Potential

Many experts believe that due to its wide acceptance, Bitcoin actually has the potential to become the global universal payment method. Millions of people are already using it and expert believe that millions more will join in the coming years. 

With time, Bitcoin’s network will incorporate the majority of the global population and the pressure on governments will become too big, so they will be forced to make it an official payment method.