Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Take: Why Elon Musk Should Have Walked Away

In 2018, when Twitter was facing a difficult time, its co-founder, Jack Dorsey, suggested that Elon Musk was the “singular solution” for taking Twitter private. However, recently, in an interview, Dorsey admitted that Musk never should have bought it and that he should have walked away.

It is interesting to see how Dorsey’s opinion about Musk and Twitter has changed over the years. In 2018, Dorsey seemed confident that Musk was the right person to take Twitter private. He even tweeted about it, saying, “Just want to say that I support @elonmusk as CEO of Twitter. He’d do a great job.”

At the time, Musk was facing backlash from investors and the public over his erratic behavior, particularly on Twitter. However, Dorsey saw him as someone who could bring value to the social media platform.

Fast forward to today, and Dorsey has a different perspective. In an interview with Bloomberg, he said, “I think he should have walked away. It’s not a business that he’s interested in or that he understands.”

Dorsey’s comments reflect the challenges that Musk faced when he tried to buy Twitter. Musk has been vocal about his dislike of the media, and he sees Twitter as a platform that allows him to communicate directly with the public. However, Twitter is a complex platform with its own set of challenges, and Musk may not have fully understood what he was getting into.

Furthermore, Twitter is a public company, and any attempt to take it private would have required a significant amount of money. Musk’s focus is on building companies that can change the world, and it’s not clear if he would have been willing to make such a significant investment in Twitter.

Despite Dorsey’s change of heart, it’s worth noting that Musk’s involvement with Twitter has had some positive effects. Musk has used the platform to share updates on his companies, including SpaceX and Tesla, and to interact with his followers. He has also been a vocal advocate for cryptocurrency and has helped to drive interest in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

In the end, while Musk may not have been the right person to take Twitter private, his involvement with the platform has had some positive impacts. Twitter continues to be a valuable tool for people to communicate and connect with one another, and it’s likely that it will continue to evolve and change over time.

In conclusion, Dorsey’s recent comments about Musk and Twitter highlight the complexities of running a social media platform. While Musk may have been seen as a potential solution for Twitter at one point, it’s clear that he may not have been the best fit for the platform. Nonetheless, Musk’s involvement with Twitter has had some positive effects, and it will be interesting to see how the platform continues to evolve in the years to come.