JP Morgan to Open a new Crypto Lab in Athens
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JP Morgan to Open a new Crypto Lab in Athens

“There’s lots of developers operating in this space” he said yesterday, noting that engineers working crypto have doubled in the past year. “That’s continuing to go up.” Armstrong says that if the “brightest young engineers” are interested in something, then it must be promising . Similarly, within Coinbase itself, he maintained that engineers “are really passionate about the mission.”

The crypto winter may even be a positive. “You come to appreciate the downcycles, because there’s less noise and all the people who were in it for the wrong reasons are gone,” reflected Armstrong. If you want to position yourself for the future, Armstrong says “decentralized identity is exciting. It allows crypto to move beyond just a new type of money, to a new type of app platform.”

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A few times ago, JP Morgan had announced it will open a new office in Athens with a dedicated Payments Innovation Lab to support the business growth in the country. The local team would consist of approximately 50 people, predominantly payments product and engineering specialists. The Lab provides research and development services to the payments business globally. They will also cooperate with Onyx, JP Morgan’s unit focused on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.

Mainly, the Lab is focused on ledger technology, AI and cryptography related to payment systems. JP Morgan’s existing employees based in Athens, who work across the Corporate & Investment Bank and Asset & Wealth Management segments also moved to the new office.

Thatwas formed by the bank in 2020 for the exchange of wholesale payments transactions focused on digital solutions for the transfer and clearing of money, applied to a variety of systems including multi-bank and multi-currency ledgers. The lab has four open engineering roles, including two full stack developers, one mobile app engineer and a launch technical manager, focusing on “distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence and cryptography,” the report said.

JPMorgan to expand in Greece with new office, payments team
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The mobile app engineer will also work on “performant blockcain-based Digital Identity mobile apps and wallet prototypes.” Lobban said that “digital identity is key to unlocking scale for web3 and can enable entirely new interactions and services for web2 and web3 alike.”

Speaking at the Economist’s The World Ahead 2023 Athens Gala Dinner on Friday evening, Tsunis stressed that Greece-US relations “have never been this strong, due to the work of the government, the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, and the business community.”“We have seen many American companies, from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, JP Morgan and Meta, making large investments in Greece,” he said, according to AMNA.

Regarding 2023, the US Ambassador appeared entirely convinced that “the best days are ahead of us” and emphasized on Foreign Direct Investments. “Right now, even more American companies are coming to invest in our shared future, in recognition of talents present in Greece and the great potential,” he said, referring to investments in the fields of technology, 5G optic fibers, energy, tourism and shipping.