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Krafton Will Be Shutting Down Pubg Lite Is Shutting Down On April 29

Krafton Will Be Shutting Down Pubg Lite Is Shutting Down On April 29

Pubg lite

Krafton has announced that it will shut down the free PUBG Lite version on April 29. According to the announcement, the developer has decided to shut down the free-to-play version. A new announcement about the future of PUBG Lite, one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world, has just been shared. As cited by The Verge, “Krafton announces that they will close it on March 31, according to a statement on their website.

The developer Krafton confirmed the news of the closure of PUBG Lite in a statement on its official website. The exact timetable for the closure was also announced by parent company PubG Studio in an official statement.

The statement accompanying the announcement added: “Unfortunately, we have taken the difficult decision to close the service after much deliberation and it is time for the journey to end. Unfortunately, after many months of hard work and dedication to PUBG Lite, I have made a difficult decision to close the services and unfortunately, the time has come for our journey to end. Unfortunately, after a long and difficult journey of over two years of development and testing, I had to make the decision to close our service. After much thought, I made a hard and painful decision to close our services. Unfortunately, I have to say that the days are over and that our journey is over!

We regret to inform you that the service of PUBG LITE will end on April 29, 2021, UTC. The game will be taken offline and all player support for Lite will not be available to all players until the end of April 2021 (UTC) at the latest.

While the game takes its last breath on April 29, the Facebook page for PUBG Lite will remain active. Krafton did not immediately say how long the Facebook page will be open after all other facilities have been discontinued. The game’s support pages will be closed on May 29 but will continue to operate for another month. The problem The company says Lily’s Facebook page will remain open until the end of April 2021 (UTC) at the latest.

After a busy time with the pandemic, I hope PUBG LITE has been able to provide our fans with an entertaining way to stay safe. After a busy period of work and the exhausting time of the pandemics, we hope that it will be available again in the near future, but only for a limited time and only in an ideal way.



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