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Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions organized ‘Shiksha Aarambha’ for Celebration of Commitment to Early Education


23 January 2019, India:

Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions organized a grand event Shiksha Aarambha for celebrating the commitment to early education of the children. The grand event recognized the untiring contribution of the educators and community partners who are striving to ensure that children in the age group of 2 to 6 have the opportunity to reach their full potential as Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions felicitated and honoured them on the night.

A Panel Discussion was also organized focusing on approaches to improve learning outcomes via activity-based learning and making quality early childhood education accessible to children of low-income group parents and important topics like the need to “redefine early childhood education in India” were discussed by a panel of education experts.

Mridula Shridhar, Co-Founder and Director, Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions, said “Quality Early Education is a necessity and not a luxury. It has the power to profoundly affect the child’s thinking, confidence, communication, and personality. By equipping teachers with the right skills, and partnering with schools to provide much-needed support to implement early learning well, we believe we can significantly contribute to the next generation’s progress.”

Mridula Shridhar added, “Affordable Private Schools have one of the largest populations of children studying in India, and this is the sector that we have chosen to work with in order to maximize impact.”

Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions strongly believe that school owners, parents, and all stakeholders must come together to give quality early education its due, and everyone has an important role to play to further this cause of children’s development.

Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions is a product of Kido Enterprises. Kreedo provides an integrated solution that provides an effective curriculum, learning materials and books to implement the curriculum, and trains teachers effectively in implementing the same.

(Image – Kreedo Early Childhood Solutions)



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