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Kubet is a famous name and is mentioned throughout Asia and in the world market. There are millions of players, trading every day and hour, hundreds of millions of dollars are loaded and withdrawn. So what is KU BET? How to play? What is the Deposit method? Why choose KU? What is Kubet 365? All the questions will be answered in the article below.

What is Kubet? 

Why in recent years, the betting market has exploded with so many operators appearing on social networks? Along with that, making money from online casino games is becoming more and more popular and attractive to players. That was when KUBET Casino demonstrated its position in the betting market. 

To serve players, Kubet has quickly become a leader among its peers. KU Casino is not only receiving the support of the majority of online gamers. It is also the best business option for dealers. Our development demonstrates our efforts and this determination is showing out in delivering service to our customers. From there, bringing the best games to players. It further demonstrates the power to lead the world in modern gaming entertainment. The advent of online casino games has indeed created a new turning point in the online entertainment industry.

With a large number of players, with a friendly interface. Perfect service always brings the most rewarding experience for players at KU. Meet a large demand with a huge number of players. KUBET365 is constantly updating and upgrading to the latest and modern version. In accordance with the interest and preferences of customers.

Many interesting gifts for new players: These gifts include: Stylish bluetooth headset, Desktop vacuum cleaner, USB nebulizer, 2-port backup charger, Bluetooth portable speaker. The conditions to receive the above gifts are: New members during the promotion period from 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2020. Account deposit 3 times or more with the total deposit amount over 5,000,000 VND. Please note, when you register an account under “Affiliate account”, the code is FF3501 to receive gifts. After successfully registering an account, click on the contact on the Kubet Online page to meet a support staff. Customer care department is always online and directly instructs you how to receive gifts as well as helps you in the process of playing.

  • Creating its strengths and reputation in both sports betting and casino betting
  • Many interesting betting games, with strong attraction
  • Transaction process, fast payment, simple procedure, ensure confidentiality.
  • Products with high rewards that no one can refuse.
  • Simple and friendly design interface with fast, smooth loading speed brings the perfect experience for players.
  • The bookie owns a huge movie entertainment system, diverse genres and is capable of meeting all requirements of players.
  • Professional customer care service, dedicated support with the highlight are hot and beautiful MC girls.

What betting games are in Kubet?

It can be said that the KUBET bookie is a world-class betting market scaled down by just one website. Here players can participate in the experience of almost all betting games from home to abroad. With the highest level of authenticity and ultimate interface. Let’s explore the products that contribute to the KU BET reputation through the content below.

Sports betting


Those who are passionate about sports bettings will surely be surprised by the variety at KU. Not merely providing football matches around the world, in every scales, at home and abroad. You can even earn bonuses, from many other sports. Such as table tennis, basketball, baseball, badminton, tennis, billiards, …

Most recently, online sports betting ESports is also included in the betting model. Like League of Legends, CSO,… quickly attracted the attention of young people. And become a popular betting game in recent years.

Not only diverse in games, sports. KU CASINO has not let us down, offering many bets. Unleash the brothers with choices such as handicap, corner handicap, European handicap, 1st half handicap, corner kick. 

The top casino in Southeast Asia

Online casino online can be said to be the strength of KU. Possessing the most beautiful casino in Southeast Asia, a stable number of players. More than that, the dealer has continuously upgraded and updated the latest and most attractive games so that players can unleash the experience.

Live Fan Tan – 3D Fan Tan

With simple rules, easy to understand, fast tempo, attractive betting. Fan Tan has become the most popular game at all online or real casinos. Based on the color of the 4 circle buttons to predict the winner or loss of that bet. Players will place bets on the doors such as Even, Odd, Over, Under, 4 white, 4 red, … 

The betting door to win, the system will light up and display the result on the screen. With an eye-catching 3D interface, especially betting from 10 thousand VND for those who want to experience their luck.

Baccarat Live – Baccarat 3D

Baccarat is a popular card game in international casinos. Baccarat rules are simple as follows. At the beginning of the game, Dealer deals the cards between the cards and the Con, then based on the points of the cards to determine winning and losing. The side with the higher score wins. The player will choose to bet on the Cue or Con, or the cards that can appear in the house or the cue to win the higher bounty. Baccarat live and Baccarat 3D are similar to fan-tan (the coins are shaken in a bowl). You can choose from 2 interfaces to suit your preferences. But do not forget that the Mc in Baccarat Live is extremely beautiful and charming.

Lottery online


More specifically, the winning rate of the lottery at KUBET888 is also much higher than the outside lottery. With a ratio of 1 to 99, while the lottery outside is only 1 to 60-70. In addition to the lottery, the dealer also offers live lottery games such as live bet, lotto bet, racing bet, horse racing, keno, … These are all betting games based on random numbers and spins, which are played continuously throughout the day. You can bet any time you want.

What is Kubet 365?

KUBET365 is a level 1 agent of KU BET in the Vietnam market. This KU agent operates under the dealership’s mandate through agent code FF3501, is the only agent to be supported with the privileged KU App application and a unique affiliate agent system. Launched on the market with the mission of providing players with the safest, most engaging and reputable game world experience. Unique official website KUBET365: https://kubet365.net/

Players can log into their KU casino account through this agent. Meanwhile, in addition to being provided with attractive games, players are also cared for and supported with all information that needs 24/7 continuous answers. In addition, players are also supported by customer care staff to guide deposit / withdraw money, register an account or download applications safely and quickly.

The interesting thing about the agency being able to compete effectively in the market is providing quick Kubet house promotions. Moreover, the house also has many attractive bonus programs to increase competitiveness as well as bring the most practical benefits to players when experiencing.

One thing that players need to keep in mind and want to register and experience the online betting game world of kubet through an agent application to enter the correct agent code FF3501 to ensure the correct link and the most peace of mind during the betting process. This also avoids the situation of mistakenly choosing fake websites, causing personal information to be stolen, causing unnecessary damage to the game.

KUBET 365 is a live betting agency site or KU Casino with many different service categories such as online casino lobby, lottery (lottery), sports (football, esports, …), shooting fish, exploding, … At the same time, cooperating with many other reputable suppliers to create a rich and diverse environment to increase the experience of members. 15 years of existence and development with high prestige, high security, millions of visitors per day. The Kubet 365 is the perfect destination for your fun!

Why should you join playing on Kubet 365?

KUBET365 is the agent of the KU betting operator, based in the Philippines, a high-rise building in Makati City. Surely you have stopped listening to the KU BET or KU Casino, this is the common name of KU.

We are with a mission to provide fast, reputable, and secure online entertainment. Also provide after-sales services, with the best deals for kubet members. Therefore, the support of members is the driving force for the development of betting agents, especially ku365, which has been a sustainable 15 years.

Currently, there are more top SSS actors from JAV of Japan, blowing new pictures to the participating members, bringing the ku casino lobby to the current top 1 in the online casino betting market. In addition to the live stream lounge, we also offer other categories such as a variety of lottery (lottery), attractive sports betting, fish shooting and 3D game with beautiful graphics.

Realizing the need of members, we in addition to inviting SSS-level JAV actors, also opened a KU Movie category, which includes 18+ ultra-high-definition movies, animated anime, TV programs and funny clips every day. These things have created KUBET’s top entertainment name in the Vietnamese market.

KUBET 365 is an authorized direct login line from the KU dealer, with stable and advanced-connection speed, helping to maintain and ensure your passionate moments are not interrupted, without stressing you with lag situations.

KUBET365 is also authorized to the affiliate system, which means that each member can become an agent through the KU agency system on the website or exclusive application at kubet365.net. This means that you are protected by your rights as an agent by KU BET headquarters. Members can be the number holder, ball page holder, or a team representative who can play a casino, all of which can earn a lot of commissions from being an agent, which is a special feature.

How players register to play – Let’s try Kubet 365 

# For Phone / Tablet interface

To proceed with Kubet registration, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Go to the registration page

  • First you need to visit: https://kubet365.net
  • Next you need to enter your phone number and click on “CONTINUE REGISTER”.

Step 2. Confirm phone number

  • After the connection is stable, you continue to choose to “Subscribe”. Then you proceed to enter your phone number and select “Send code”.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your phone. Then proceed to enter “Verification code” and select “Confirm”.

Step 3. Fill in the registration information

  • Next will come a section to fill the registration information. Please enter the boxes “Account”, “Nickname” and password respectively.

Note: Please keep the agent code FF3501 to receive 128k money into a new account!

  • Then, select “Register”.

So, the membership registration process is complete.

# For computer interface

To start registering for a KU BET account, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Kubet365 and choose register

  • First, you access the website: https://kubet365.net
  • Then you choose to “REGISTER” at the top of the website
  • Next, you select on the orange “Register” at the top of the next web page

Step 2. Fill out the membership registration form

You enter the information one by one to register for membership. Separate the agent account, remember to default.

  • Account: fill in the account name including letters and numbers (no spaces)
  • Nickname: same as the account name, but will show up when you play Ku Casino’s games (up to 8 alphanumeric characters).

Password: Set an easy-to-remember password between 6-10 alphanumeric characters

  • Phone number: Please enter the correct number of your mobile phone. Then click “Send code” to receive the confirmation code.

After you have the confirmation code sent to the SMS, you use these 4 digits to enter the box “Verification code”. Then click on “Submit”.

  • Finally, click on “Confirm” to submit the form. So you have completed the registration process for Ku account.

Kubet365 is pleased to serve you. Welcome to the magical world of the betting market. Join us, you will never be disappointed by your choice. Kubet 365 – Play is win.