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LG To Potentially Make New Battery Cells For Tesla In By The Year 2023

LG To Potentially Make New Battery Cells For Tesla In By The Year 2023

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LG plans to develop advanced EV battery cells for Tesla Inc cars by the year 2023 the company has already started scouting potential manufacturing plant sites in the European and American continent. such a move will help the company reaching its goal of expanding its supply chain business beyond the Chinese market.

Musk said Tesla will use the existing cells for at least a few years and could retire them at any time. It would also help to spice up electrical and automotive production. The company is working on a pilot production facility in California for brand new battery cells and is preparing to manufacture them in Texas and Germany. Musk also mentioned that the company is in talks with battery suppliers to make 4,680 batteries.

Earlier Panasonic teamed up with Tesla on a $5 billion battery gigafactory near Reno, Nev. LG currently has a $2.3 billion, three-way partnership with General Motors in Lordstown, Ohio, to manufacture bag batteries for future GM cars. LG is currently supplying small cells to Tesla from China via the Chinese battery manufacturer Catl.

GM has also said it is considering building a second U.S. battery plant for LG. In an open response to LG and GM that I have received, another Korean battery supplier, Innovation, said it hoped the White House would reverse the recent US trade court ruling in favor of LG, saying it threatened to disrupt batteries provided by Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen Group.

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In September, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced big plans to produce new cells for the home, prompting suppliers such as LG’s Panasonic to deploy untried technologies and risk losing a major customer in the long run. Last week, the Korean battery maker told reporters that it plans to build a US factory to make batteries for power and energy storage systems that could serve both the US and global customers, as well as start-ups. The company did not identify any potential buyers at the time, but a source said Tesla hopes to buy the batteries. Tesla has not yet agreed to an agreement to expand its role in the supply chain beyond China, the source said.

But it faces technological hurdles and challenges in expanding production, people familiar with the matter said. LG declined to comment, and Tesla representatives could not be reached for comment. One of the sources said LG had not yet secured an order from Tesla for such large-format cylindrical cells. The source said LG had never produced such cells to increase battery capacity, and it was right to call. The increased order of 2,170 cells used in the Model 3 and Model Y models will be made in China by a Chinese supplier, the source said.

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